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NIO 333 Formula E Team Reveals Car Livery Design for 2022 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

Silverstone, UK, 17 November 2021: The NIO 333 Formula E Team has today revealed the livery design and numbers for its Season 8 challengers that will break cover at the official 2021-22 FIA Formula E World Championship all-teams test at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain on Monday 29th November.

The NIO 333 001 cars will make a welcome return to their familiar #3 and #33 numbers for the final year of Gen2 Formula E racing. The number 3 (三), is considered lucky in China due to its similarity in sound to the word “Sai” which means “to compete”. The numbers are also significant to the UK based Formula E team as they feature in the name of the brand under which team owner Brilliant in Excellence (BIE UK Ltd) competes in the all-electric racing series – 333 Racing.

The concept for the new 333 Racing car livery design is ‘Continuity with Innovation’. The team wished to retain the main design elements from last year, namely the striking ‘pin striping’ for the perception of speed, and the ease of replacement of all carbon fibre bodywork pieces through individual material ‘templating’.

In an evolution of the NIO 333 Formula E Team’s Season 7 dark blue, tonal teal and bare black carbon car livery, accents of the red of the Chinese flag and the 333 Racing brand identity have been incorporated into the design for the coming season. In China, red is the national colour symbolizing happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success and good fortune.

It was also important to take the creative step to distinguish the 333 Racing cars from other teams when out on track. To this end, the red accents incorporated into the Season 8 livery design have been graduated along the cars’ surfaces. The combined effect has maintained the team’s strong brand identity whilst conferring a fresh and innovative aesthetic.

Vincent Wang, CEO, NIO 333 FE Team

"Since the end of last season, I've been thinking about the aesthetic of our team for Season 8. Last season's car livery was very well received, which is definitely a happy thing, but it also posed a challenge for us to come up with an even better design for 2022! We tried a lot of different variations and ultimately wanted something familiar for the fans, but different. After repeated deliberation between our Chinese and British team members and design team, we decided upon a concept developed from last year's acclaimed version.

While the NIO blue and 333 Racing blue base colours were not drastically changed, we updated the side box lines to make them more "electric", which at first glance felt a bit cyberpunk and edgy whilst both relating and bringing an evolution of last season’s car. In the colour scheme we have added Chinese “red", which stands out but is not obtrusive, which will also make our cars stand out from other in the race.

In the ‘most visible’ position on the car, we have placed a "rabbit" representing "China Speed", which was the winner of a competition we launched a few months ago alongside NIO in China. The logo designed by Funny Frank stood out amongst the many entries we received - hopefully, this rabbit, which means "smart" and "lucky", will bring us good luck in the coming FIA Formula E World Championship season."

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