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NIO 333 Racing Reveals Formula E Gen3 Test Car Moniker and Livery

Thursday, 5 May, 2022: Following the official unveiling of the third-generation race car by Formula E and Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) at the Yacht Club de Monaco last week, NIO 333 Racing is proud to reveal its Gen3 test car livery and name – the NIO 333 ER9.

As one of the confirmed manufacturers continuing into the next era of the FIA Formula E World Championship, 333 Racing will be running its NIO 333 ER9 during official and private testing this year, and it will be key to the Chinese team reaching new heights in the next chapter of all-electric racing.

The moniker of the team’s Gen3 car follows a familiar pattern in automotive designation, with each figure having a specific meaning: • E stands for ‘Electric’ • R stands for ‘Racing’ • 9 - the ER9 will make its debut in ‘Season 9’ of the FIA Formula E World Championship and the number 9 itself also represents ‘high performance’ in technical terms.

Gen3 is the world’s first race car designed and optimised specifically for street racing. Developed by engineers and sustainability experts at the FIA and Formula E, the Gen3 is the pinnacle of high performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Designed to show the world that high performance and sustainability can powerfully co-exist without compromise, the Gen3 pioneers cutting-edge technologies that will make the transfer from race to road whilst being the world’s first net zero carbon race car in the world’s first net zero carbon sport.

The design of the NIO 333 ER9 test car livery is based on the team’s iconic blue colour scheme whilst incorporating accents of sci-fi aesthetics to compliment the FE car’s disruptive design (‘inspired by the aerodynamic form of a fighter jet’ (sic.)). Adorning the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and efficient electric race car ever built, the team’s EP9 moniker shall also be emblazoned boldly across the chassis of the futuristic looking E-Challenger.

Duncan Laycock, Chief Technical Officer

“The latest generation cars mark a step up in performance, maintaining Formula E as the championship at the pinnacle of electric racing. An aggressive weight reduction over the previous generation 2 machinery, and an increase in power from 250 to 350kW, move the cars to another level. Whilst the technical regulations maintain similarities to the previous, there are areas of significant evolution. The addition of regenerative braking from the front axle results in sufficient capacity that the rear hydraulic brakes are now deleted, and the brake by wire instead operates the front. This presents new opportunities, especially regarding the controls systems, an area in which BIE UK (Brilliant in Excellence, owners of 333 Racing) have bolstered over the last 12 months.
There is also a change in tyre supplier with Hankook coming onboard for the new era. Whilst that may not appear that fundamental a change, characterising and getting on top of extracting single-lap performance and race consistency from the new tyres will be crucial to competitiveness, especially during the early stages of testing. The rollout of our Season 9 challenger, the NIO 333 ER9, is imminent and we look forward to embarking on an intensive test and development programme ahead of its competitive appearance next season.”

Vincent Wang, Chief Executive Officer

“As we can see from the latest events, Formula E is back to its pre-pandemic level. Season 8 has attracted increased attention from fans, media, Partners, investors, automotive manufacturers, and countries all over the world. We are very proud that we have been a part of the Formula E family since the beginning and not only get to witness the upcoming Gen3 era, but also join in embracing the major milestone for motorsport and the car industry. We have done a lot of work ahead of the arrival of Gen3 despite logistical difficulties faced by the team over the last two years. We did not slow down and now, I'm glad to say, we're ready for Gen3! We will bring all our energies into the preparation of the NIO 333 ER9 cars at our Silverstone UK headquarters and look forward to welcoming guests from all over the world, including China - hopefully soon. We hope to be experiencing the taste of victory in the Gen3 era!”

Alex Hui, Team Principal

“After taking over the team in Season 6, developing a new powertrain and new software, we have made some performance improvements and are striving to continue to grow across all areas of 333 Racing. We have had our sights firmly on Season 9 all the time, so straight after our Gen3 announcement we started to put into place a significant number of resources to welcome Gen3 and attract new team members. I am pleased to say that several top-notch recruits joined us at the end of Season 7 and during the start of this year to help us build on a team with excellent technical skills and development capabilities. However, bolstering the team is just the start and although we are operating on limited resources compared to others, we have shown that we are fighting to catch up and will continue to do so. Now, at the dawn of Gen3, we are ready for its arrival. We believe this new era will allow teams to start on a more level playing field, and for us to work toward greater achievements in the coming seasons of the FIA Formula E World Championship.”

Russell O’Hagan, Chief Operations Officer / Deputy Team Principal

“The launch of the Gen3 car marks the dawn of a new and exciting era for the NIO 333 Formula E Team. It presents us with an opportunity to apply what we have learnt over the last few years to new foundations. We have a lot of hard work ahead over the next nine months, but I have confidence in our team and partners that we can set our targets high and go on to achieve them. We are really looking forward to getting the NIO 333 ER9 on track and seeing what it’s capable of. It’s going to be one hell of a race car!”

As the first season of the Gen3 era, Season 9 of the Formula E World Championship is highly anticipated, and excitement around the new car’s potential performance is already building. The NIO 333 Formula E Team is working hard in Shanghai, China and at its UK base at the 333 Racing Innovation Centre in Silverstone to ensure that the NIO 333 ER9 will be fully prepared to take to the streets of the iconic, global cities in the 2022-2023 FIA Formula E World Championship.

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