5 Emerging Tech Trends for CIOs in 2019: A Strategic Perspective

06 maj 2019 by NIO

This blog was written by Ganesh V. Iyer, Managing Director, NIO U.S. and Global CIO.

Ganesh V. Iyer

In today’s technology industry, CIOs face challenges like never before: a constantly evolving product landscape, changing customer demands, and economic volatility. These challenges make it increasingly difficult to plan for the future and execute launches. In order to successfully maneuver these changes and lead companies to success, technology execs can’t just be tech savvy – they need to think about their business holistically, recognizing the shifting marketplace and the ways in which various technologies can support the bottom line.

I recently shared my thoughts with CIOReview on the five trends that will help elevate and optimize your approach as CIO in the upcoming year such as:

1.    Shift from Internet of Things to Autonomy of Things
2.    Immersive consumer experiences
3.    Market-specific focuses
4.    Quantum computing projects
5.    Blockchain technology

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