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ES6 Mirror the featureES6 Mirror the futureES6 Mirror the feature Explore the mirror of the future
NIO ES6 Performance
ES6 90kWh ES6 150 ES6 Perf
ES6 90kWh ES6 150 ES6 Perf

Premier Edition

PM motor + IM motor
4.7s 0-100Km/h
Active air suspension
Include all optional packages & premier signature pack

From ¥ 498,000

Limited edition of 6000

To be delivered in the second quarter of 2019
(China mainland)

Performance Version

PM motor + IM motor
4.7s 0-100Km/h
Active air suspension

From ¥ 398,000


To be delivered in the third quarter of 2019
(China mainland)

Standard Version

Dual PM motor
5.6s 0-100 Km/h

From ¥ 358,000


To be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019
(China mainland)

ES6 Performance
ES6 Performance
ES6 Performance Battery


Super Five-Star Safety Standard

ES6 uses high-strength aluminum and CFRP body structure, with leading vehicle torsional stiffness of the current production SUV models, up to 44,930N·m/deg.

Standard Strength High Strength
ES6 Strength ES6 Strength



Lightweight and High-Strength


Nearly 2 square meters of high-strength carbon fiber structural parts, lighter and stronger

High Strength

Aluminum Body Structure

Full aluminum body as a standard feature for all car series, the key structure using high strength aerospace grade aluminum 7075


Ultra-Long Range Eclipses All Models of the Same Class

High Strength
ES6 Strength


NEDC Range*

*Premier Edition and Performance Version Equipped with 84kWh LC Battery Pack

NIO Mobile Space
NIO Pilot