Smart Electric Tourer
Smart Electric Tourer

Smart Electric Tourer: ET5T, Journey Ahead.
Indulge your passions, feed your curiosities, be spontaneous. Leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and embark on adventures to new sceneries and new experiences.

Travel In Style


Travel In Style

Pure, sophisticated, and progressive, ET5T is the first tourer rendered in NIO's Design for AD philosophy.

Don’t Follow the Trend, Be the Trend

Head-turning proportions. A crafted, fluid roofline shaping a gorgeous rear. Designed with purpose, the tourer silhouette has never been so stylish. It doesn’t follow any trend. It is the trend.









Beauty In Every Detail

Infused throughout are graceful touches and design lines that define the elegance of ET5T.

Express Yourself in Color

9 exterior colors inspired by the diverse skies worldwide, including the 2023 NIO color of the year, Sunlight Gold.

Express Yourself in ColorArctic GreenStratosphere BlueSunbathe YellowFirst Light KissSunlight GoldAirspace BlueDeep BlackCloud WhiteStar Gray

Arctic Green

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The interior is lit up by the expansive panoramic glass sunroof, allowing for an ultra-large daylighting area of 1.35㎡ which brings the outside world into the cabin, helping bringing a sense of light and joy to the journey.

Ultra-Large Glass Roof

The interior is lit up by the expansive panoramic glass sunroof, allowing for an ultra-large daylighting area of 1.35㎡ which brings the outside world into the cabin, helping bringing a sense of light and joy to the journey.

Intelligent Dimming Glass


Flexible Enough to
Pack Everything You Love

ET5T's exploration into technology and aesthetics is not just on the outside.

Six Interior Earth-Inspired Themes

ET5T features six interior themes, all inspired by natural earth tones.

Hit the Road With Your Loved Ones

Freedom to explore. The spacious rear row ensures everyone travels in supreme comfort. Explore the world, deepen the bond.

Endlessly Configurable, Tailored For You
Large Leg Room

A Magical Space
to Transport it All

With a large cargo capacity, a smart three-layer storage design, storage hooks and plenty of additional nooks and crannies, ET5T is designed to transport it all.

Ultra Large Trunk Space

Ultra Large Trunk Space

Seats up the trunk can hold up to 450L. When all rear seats are folded down, the loadspace floor is almost flat allowing for a cavernous storage area of 1,300 litres. So whether it be skis, surfboards or camping gear, it will all fit just right.

4-2-4 Foldable Rear Seats
Additional Trunk Space

Extend The Possibilities

Various add-ons brought to life by clever designs. Take your friends and family for a drive and unleash your imagination.

Trailer Mode

With the optional electric tow bar, ET5T can pull trailers weighing up to 1,400kg.

Roof Rails

Roof rails are subtly integrated into the roofline to provide a payload capacity of up to 75kg.

Flash Light

Removable with a simple click, the flash light illuminates the load space in dark conditions, can be easily hung in your tent or used as ambient lighting for outdoor activities.

Digital Experience

Second-Generation Digital Cockpit

Equipped with Banyan, NIO's Smart Digital System, NIO's second-generation digital cockpit delivers more AI computing power as well as faster graphic and multimedia processing than ever before.

The 12.8-inch AMOLED center display
The 12.8-inch AMOLED center display boasts a 1,728*1,888 resolution, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and 100% NTSC display, giving you a premium visual experience.
NOMI is your digital voice assistant. Powered by the powerful in-car computing capabilities, NOMI is constantly learning and growing in its abilities.


Indulge yourself in an immersive audio and visual experience.


The cabin of ET5T is beautifully decorated with soft lighting. Choose from 256 color options and 10 color themes as well as calming rhythmic effects to add tasteful atmosphere to the journey.


The rythmic speaker covers offer a visual breathing effect that dance with the music to provide a symphony of senses.

The 7.1.4
Surround Sound

The surround sound system features 23 speakers with a power output of 1,000 watts, carefully placed through the cabin for a spine tingling sound experience. Dolby Atmos and Dirac Pro sound algorithms elevate the dynamism of the listening experience.

Nowhere Is Out Of Reach.

Performance and Security

Nowhere Is Out Of Reach.

Equipped with a SiC power module, NIO's next-generation high-efficiency smart electric drive system has a 150kW induction motor in the front and a 210kW permanent magnet motor at the rear.


CLTC est. *


0-100 km/h **


100-0 km/h **



*The driving range is an estimate simulated with a 150kWh battery pack pursuant to the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC) standards. Therefore, the range filed in the official documents shall prevail.
**The acceleration and braking specs are based on the engineering test results, which may vary due to different road types, weather and road conditions, battery level, loading, and tires, and are hence for reference only.

High Strength Steel-Aluminum Body Construction

Engineered to meet the five-star C-NCAP and E-NCAP standards, the body in ET5T adopts a high strength steel-aluminum hybrid construction with an excellent torsional rigidity of 32,000N·m/deg. Aluminum mega-casting technology is applied to the rear floor, reducing body mass. This results in a lighter but stronger construction and a bigger space for occupants.

High Strength Steel-Aluminum Body Construction

Easy to Handle, Fun to Drive

9 Driving Modes

9 Driving Modes

ET5T has 9 driving modes, including 5 basic and 4 scenario-based modes.


The ultimate focus on performance. 0-100 km/h in 4.0 seconds

NIO Assisted and Intelligent Driving

NIO Assisted and Intelligent Driving

Making cars a safe and free mobile living space is our vision. From maps and localization to perception and algorithms, from the low-level system to the control strategy, NIO Intelligent Driving is enabled by NIO's full-stack intelligent driving capabilities. It will gradually cover expressways, urban areas, parking, and battery swapping to free up time and reduce accidents for a safer and more relaxing intelligent driving experience from point A to point B.

Navigate on Pilot Plus (Beta)

Navigate on Pilot Plus (Beta)

NOP+ (Beta) is a driver assistance feature developed by NIO based on our second-generation technology platform (NT2.0). NOP+ relieves driving fatigue for more relaxing and joyful journeys by assisting with a number of tasks including optimal lane merging, overtaking slower cars and adjusting the speed according to the speed limit regulations.
* NOP+ is currently only available on vehicles in the Chinese market.