Acceleration in Europe

21 februari 2023 by NIO

Since we began deliveries of our NIO ET7 and EL7 in Europe, the open minds and hearts of our new community friends have warmed us.

Aside from winning the Golden Steering Wheel award in Germany and the "Car of the year 2022" award from {the Auto Motor & Sport" award in Sweden, European journalists have written reviews and compared them with other major premium automotive vehicles.

Our NIO ET7 was mentioned in one of the largest automotive online magazines and the biggest pre-owned car sales website, BilBasen, in Denmark. "EVERYTHING in the cabin of the Nio ET7 is nice to touch and seems well thought out. Forget plastic panels and piano lacquer! Instead, here are Alcantara and tropical wood and massage seats with mechanical quality are second to none."

A Swedish Car Magazine, the Electric Vehicle ran a performance test between Mercedes AMG EQE and NIO ET7, "The premium and performance car Mercedes AMG EQE 53 4Matic+ gets beaten by the Chinese newcomer NIO. It's impossible to get around the price, range, and charging (Power Swap technology), and the comfort level is better with NIO."

A Norwegian car review site commented on the NIO ES8 by comparing it with other luxury electric vehicles such as the Mercedes EQE, BMW iX, and Audi e-tron: "NOMI now can speak Norwegian and English, also interact with the users by helping to set up the air conditioner, open up the sunroof, and windows, etc. as well as communicate to the users with some fun conversations." They also praise the NIO Power solution, "The point where NIO differentiates from other electric cars is the battery and the ability to swap the battery at the battery swap station. As a result, it gets a fully charged battery in five minutes, roughly the same amount of time to refuel a gas engine car."

More users will have the opportunity to experience NIO vehicles in Europe this year.