NIO Panocinema Featured on the Discovery Channel

08 november 2022 by NIO

The NIO X Discovery immersive documentary "Forest Talk" can now be experienced in NIO models and seen on Discovery Channel in China and on social platforms worldwide. It will also be available to experience during a test drive or in NIO Houses in Europe. 

Take in some spectacular scenery while being immersed in the sounds of nature as you experience the forest on wheels.

NIO X Discovery Immersive Documentary "Forest Talk"

NIO X Discovery co-created the first immersive documentary, "Forest Talk,” which premiered on October 29, 2022, exclusively on NIO PanoCinema. On November 2, "Forest Language" was launched on all NIO models and the Discovery channel in China. NIO users can be immersed in a "mobile" forest, leveraging the 7.1.4 Immersive sound and intelligent fragrance system of the ET7. 

Discovery's top documentary production team is committed to protecting natural content creation. NIO and Discovery went to the Hainan Rainforest National Forest Park to include a variety of natural sounds to produce top documentary content and bring an exclusive immersive nature experience to NIO users.

Hainan Rainforest National Park is a project supported by NIO's Clean Parks initiative. Through the documentation of the ecological record of this protected area, users can feel the beauty of nature in an immersive way and understand the needs of protecting our environment.

NIO partnered with Discovery to produce a short nature documentary film, "Forest Language," by a well-known documentary director, bringing nature’s authentic and pure sounds through PanoCinema Immersive sound and AR Immersive experience to all the NIO models. 

NIO PanoCinema

NIO PanoCinema is committed to bringing users a unique full-sensory full-scene immersion experience with a standard 7.1.4 immersive sound system and Dolby Atmos, with an AMOLED large screen or-exclusive AR/VR glasses (available currently in the selected market), to bring drivers and passengers an immersive audio-visual experience; combined with multi-level 256-color atmosphere lights, smart fragrance diffuser, and comfortable seats, and NOMI to provide full voice interaction, a multi-sensory experience is delivered inside the car, so that listening to songs, watching dramas, meditation, car naps, and other usage scenarios benefit from more intelligent, more immersive, and more enjoyment.