NIO’s Navigate on Pilot Reviewed by Geek Village Chief

15 mars 2021 by NIO

NIO’s Navigate on Pilot Reviewed by Geek Village Chief

In October 2020, NIO released our Navigate on Pilot (NOP) feature and our NIO OS 2.7.0 update. NOP fuses onboard navigation, HD maps, and NIO Pilot to automatically guide the vehicle to follow the navigation route in certain conditions. With the release of NOP, NIO is one of only two automakers to achieve the active guidance feature for navigation on designated roads.
Geek Village Chief reviews his thoughts on our NOP system in Beijing, China.

Video credits to Geek Village Chief
English captions by NIO

At NIO, user experience is our top priority. NOMI is your in-vehicle artificial intelligence, which not only assists you in the car but is also your digital companion, powered by voice interaction technology and emotion engine, making your drive more personable and enjoyable.

Curious to know how NOMI works together with the NOP system? Samir Agrawal, NIO U.S.’s Senior Director of Hardware Engineering, breaks it down for us. “NOMI will notify the user when NOP is available while driving on a highway by getting a notification from our system, which works together with HD mapping pulled from our databases. From there, once the user is around the location with NOP availability, that’s when NOMI informs the user.”
Stay tuned as we share more video testimonials on our NOP system and more insights from our engineering teams.