Providing a Joyful User Experience through the NIO Power Solution

31 januari 2023 by NIO

"What makes a great designer, and not just automotive designers, is that you must continuously think 24/7 about how to solve problems. The world needs more creative thinkers looking to practice until they never get it wrong," Colin shared his "inspirations in design in the "Auto Design & Sketching" course by Yellowbrick and Petersen.

At NIO, we focus on sustainability. Our designers work hard to create elegant designs and powerful vehicles while making sure it's protecting the environment. 

"At NIO, designers consistently discuss the battery performance and charging experience. For example, how quickly you can get more power. Those are the conversations we have at NIO. How they would be more efficient and intelligent, but still produce a fun, joyful experience that is exciting to the users," Colin said during the course. 

In China, NIO's vehicles are all supported with a flexible battery charging solution. It makes them a "rechargeable, upgradeable and swappable" energy service system and further eases the range anxiety for our users.

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