NIO Life

Life is food, music, exploration.

Life is being together, living well, learning.

Life is where you go, how you dress, the joy you feel.

To shape a joyful lifestyle.

Tom Dixon

A Global Community of Designers

As NIO’s proprietary lifestyle brand, NIO Life leverages global resources of design and collaborates with over 500 independent designers and world-class design institutes from the UK, Italy, Northern Europe and Asia to redefine life with an accent, a story and authentic design.

NIO Life
NIO Life
Benjamin Hubert

At the 2019 Salon del Mobile.Milano, NIO Life, together with the lifestyle magazine Wallpaper* and the renowned designer Benjamin Hubert, jointly launched NIO Pal, a smart scooter concept designed to tackle the problem of the “last mile.”

NIO Hongshuangxi

Sharing the champion spirit, NIO and Double Happiness (DHS) collaborated for the new co-branded collection, Born to Win, marking a historical first for DHS to authorize its retro logo.
With ten clothing items, bags and shoes, the collection combines inspirations from Formula E and elements of DHS table tennis products in its design, a tribute to the spirit of sportsmanship.

FoodLab by NIO Life

For a taste of joy with reassurance, FoodLab established strategic cooperation with the world’s leading quality inspection authority to build together the ISO9001 quality management system and BRC food safety management system.
NIO Food Lab

The Principles for Food Development

Ingredient safety and traceability
400+ quality control points
No extra additives