NIO Power

NIO Power

An Experience Beyond Refueling

NIO Power is a charging solution that is powered by the mobile internet. The wide-ranging network of charging and battery swap facilities, supported by Power Cloud, allows for NIO users to enjoy exclusive power services with a single click.

Battery swap in three minutes
Power is always 3km away
24/7 worry-free services
NIO Power

Exclusive power supply

Plug and charge

Control remotely
Charging appointments
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NIO Power Power Swap

The world’s first battery swapping technology of its kind. The ultimate and exclusive power solution is enabled by over 500 patented technologies.

The fastest power supply plan.Fully-automatic battery swapping that is faster than refueling at gas stations.

The most secure service experience. Automatic battery and electric system checks during every battery swap ensure the car and batteries are always in the best condition.

Compact modular design. The smallest power swap station in the world-- takingi up only three parking spaces, its modular design enables scalable service providing.

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Power Mobile is a brand-new power service developed by NIO. Power Mobile vehicles serve as mobile power banks, which can come to our users to supply their vehicle with power.

Ten minutes of charging provides 100km of range.


NIO Power Charger

NIO Power Charger is powered by the mobile internet, to provide fast, intelligent and reliable charging services for all electric vehicles in public spaces. It supports both plug-and-charge and scan-and-charge, also boasts a faster, more efficient payment process.