NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD)
NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD)

NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD)

Making the vehicle a safe and free mobile living space is our vision. NIO has built up the full-stack NAD capability with perception algorithms, localization, control strategy, and platform software developed in-house. NAD will gradually cover use cases of expressways, urban areas, parking, and battery swap to enable a safer and more relaxing autonomous driving experience from point A to point B.

360° visual redundancy strong peripheral perception

360° visual redundancy strong peripheral perception

NIO Aquila Super Sensing features 33 high-performance sensing units, including an ultralong-range high-resolution LiDAR, seven 8 MP high-resolution cameras, four 3 MP light-sensitive surround-view cameras, one ADMS (Advanced Driver Monitoring System), five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, GPS, IMU, and V2X. Furthermore, with perception fusion, NIO Aquila redefines the standards of autonomous driving sensing system on production models.

Watchtower Sensor Layout

Watchtower Sensor Layout

NIO’s watchtower sensor layout enables better visibility and improved safety in complex road conditions.

  • 687m
  • 262m
  • 223m
  • 8MP
  • 1.2MP

8 MP Autonomous Driving High-Resolution Cameras

Vision is the essence of perception while resolution decides the clarity of the vision. The 8 MP high-resolution cameras see further with finer details.

Ultralong-Range High-Resolution LiDAR

Ultralong-Range High-Resolution LiDAR


120° FOV

0.06°X0.06° Max Resolution

500m Max Range

The ultralong-range high-resolution LiDAR is essential to improving the safety of autonomous driving. Together with the 8 MP high-resolution cameras, it significantly betters the perception of NAD, raising the safety of autonomous driving by two levels.

33 High-Performance Sensing Units
8 GB Data per Second

NIO Aquila Super Sensing has a throughput of 8 GB data per second,
equivalent to downloading two 4K movies in one second.

  • 7

    8 MP Autonomous Driving High-Resolution Camera

  • 4

    3MP High-sensitivity Surround-view Dedicated Camera

  • 1

    1,550 nm Ultralong-Range High-Resolution LiDAR

  • 5

    mmWave Radar

  • 12


  • 2

    High-Precision Positioning Unit GNSS + IMU

  • 1


  • 1




Super ISP Pipeline

NIO Adam features interfaces with ultrawide bandwidth and ISP capable of processing 6.4 GP per second, effectively improving the image quality and enhancing details to make each pixel count for the algorithm's accuracy and efficiency.


Ultrahigh-Speed Backbone Network

The backbone network receives signal inputs from all sensors and vehicle systems and distributes signals to every compute core, lossless and real-time.


Featuring 4 NVIDIA DRIVE Orin SoCs, NIO Adam boasts the total computing of 1,016 TOPS. Horse power and computing power define the new standard of premium smart electric vehicles.


Master Cores

Two master cores enable the full-stack NAD algorithms, including multi-solution perception fusion, multi-source high precision localization, and multi-modal prediction and planning. The computing of NIO Adam is more than sufficient, which guarantees that, even in complex road conditions, NAD can still execute powerful compute, faster and more accurate.


SoC for Redundancy

NIO Adam is equipped with an independent SoC for redundancy, so NAD can still operate even when one of the master cores fails. Moreover, the power supply, image feed and system functionality of the super computing all adopt hot standby for redundancy.


SoC for Crowd AI and Personalization

NIO Adam comes with an SoC specialized for crowd AI and personalization, which significantly speeds up NAD's overall evolvement. In the meantime, it is capable of personalized local training for specific use cases of individual users, ensuring the best driving experience for each user.


NIO Adam Super Computing, as the super brain of NAD, marks a new beginning of vehicle intelligence.



NIO has built up the full-stack NAD capability with developing perception algorithms, localization, control strategy and platform software in-house. NAD will gradually cover use cases of expressways, urban areas, parking and battery swap to enable a safer and more relaxing autonomous driving experience from point A to point B.

  • Aquila Super Sensing

    33 High-Performance Sensing Units | 8 MP High-Resolution Cameras | Ultralong-Range High-Resolution LiDAR | 360° Vision Redundancy | All-Direction Fusion

  • Adam Super Computing

    4 x NVIDIA DRIVE Orin | 1,016 TOPS | Super ISP Pipeline | Ultrahigh-Bandwidth Backbone Network | Hot Standby Redundancy

  • AD Algorithm

    Multi-Solution Perception Fusion | Multi-Source Integrated Localization | Multi-Modal Prediction and Planning | Crowd AI | Personalization

  • Vehicle Platform for AD

    NIO Vehicle Operating System | Power Supply and Communication Redundancy | Steering Redundancy | Parking Brake Redundancy | Dual Motors

*1 This is the basic information about the NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD). With NIO’s continuous improvement of its products, some detailed configurations, features, and data may be updated accordingly. The product information of the actual vehicle shall prevail.
*2 NAD in the description is designed for driver assistance purposes only and cannot fully replace driver’s control or handle all possible traffic, weather, and road conditions. The driver must maintain attention as necessary and interfere or take over the control promptly based on the surrounding environment. NAD should be used with caution in complex traffic, bad weather, or special road conditions.
*3 Some of the features may not be available immediately when the vehicle is delivered. These features will gradually be made available via Firmware-Over-The-Air.