What's New with NIO in April?

NIO delivered 15,620 vehicles in April 2024, increasing by 134.6% year-over-year  

NIO delivered 15,620 vehicles in April 2024, representing a strong increase of 134.6% year-over-year, and a month-on-month growth of 31.6%. Cumulative deliveries of NIO vehicles reached 495,267 as of April 30, 2024.

3 NIO House Opened Globally, and 58 Power Charger Stations in April

In April, NIO opened 3 NIO House globally and 15 Power Swap Stations, and 43 charging station. As of April 30, NIO has 151 NIO Houses across the globe, and has built 2,454 Power Swap Stations worldwide, with 795 of them on expressways in China. NIO has built 3,806 Power Charger Stations and 22,138 chargers, and connected to 1,520,000+ third-party chargers. NIO has offered power swap services to users beyond 43 million times in total.

As of April 9, 2024, Power Journeys|The Great Wall Route was launched;On April 14,Power JourneysThe Bohai Bay Route has been launched. NIO has cumulatively launched 76 Power Journeys routes in China and one route in Europe in the Rhine Valley.

NIO Brings Its 2024 Model Lineup and Full-Stack Technologies to Auto China

On April 25, Auto China 2024 (the 18th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition) officially opens. Under the theme "Lead the Change", the smart electric vehicle company NIO has presented eight 2024 models, including the smart electric executive sedan ET7, which was officially launched at the auto show. In the meantime, over 200 NIO User Volunteers will be at the stand to introduce NIO to more people, collectively communicating the vision of "Blue Sky Coming".

NIO Full Stack, encompassing NIO's 12 core technology capabilities, such as power, manufacturing, chip and smart hardware, made its auto show debut. The NIO Power Swap Station 4.0 and 640kW liquid-cooled ultra-fast charger, which will be deployed very soon, are also showcased in the stand.

2024 NIO ET7 Executive Edition officially Launched at Auto China

On April 25, starting at RMB 428,000, the 2024 NIO ET7 Executive Edition has been available for pre-order, and the delivery started on April 30 in China. Catering to the premium executive needs, the model has undergone major upgrades in six aspects, including interior and exterior design, digital cockpit, driving and handling, assisted and intelligent driving, vehicle safety and recharging experience.

NIO ES6 (EL6 in Europe) Receives a Five-Star Safety Rating From Euro NCAP

On April 10, 2024, the NIO ES6 (EL6 in Europe), a smart electric all-round SUV received the five-star safety rating from the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) with high scores according to the updated protocol in 2024, making it the fourth model from NIO Technology Platform 2.0 to achieve this result, following the ET5T, ET5, and ES7(EL7 in Europe). So far, all NIO models that have gone through the safety tests of Euro NCAP have received a five-star rating with high scores.

NIO Introduced China's Largest-Scale Intelligent Driving Application for Urban Roads

NIO started to push Banyan 2.6.0 to all users of the Banyan Digital System on April 30, and the Navigate on Pilot Plus (NOP+) for urban roads became available for use with the update. After activating the NIO Intelligent Driving Score and completing activation tasks including the“User Guide and Quiz”, users will be able to engage the assisted driving features on corresponding roads based on their scores.

NIO’s NOP+ has started the era of human-machine co-driving, which will help users save efforts and reduce accidents. The NOP+ will be continuously iterating to deliver better features and experiences.

NOMI GPT Launched Officially

On April 12, NIO pushed the large vehicle-cloud multimodal model NOMI GPT to all users of NIO Banyan Digital System, which includes in-house developed multimodal perception, cognitive center, and the only emotion engine in the industry, providing users with more efficient and joyful AI services connecting NIO's products, services, and community.

NIO Smart Driving Technology Center Opened in Europe

On April 8, NIO opened its new Smart Driving Technology Center in Schönefeld near Berlin, the first center of its kind outside China, which has further enhanced NIO's global presence.

NIO and Lotus Enter Into Strategic Cooperation on Charging and Swapping

On April 25, NIO Holding Co., Ltd. ("NIO") and Wuhan Lotus Technology Co., Ltd. ("Lotus") announced to have entered into strategic cooperation on charging and swapping at the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. According to the agreement, the two companies will carry out comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation in areas related to charging and swapping including battery standards, charging and swapping technologies, battery asset management and operations, service network construction and operations, vehicle R&D and customization, and connectivity.

NIO and SGM Open Charging Networks to Each Other

On April 18, 2024, Wuhan NIO Energy Co.Ltd. ("NIO Power") and SAIC General Motors Sales Company Ltd. ("SGM") signed the cooperation agreement on opening up the charging networks to each other. Later, the new energy vehicle (NEV) users of SAIC-GM's Cadillac and Buick can also locate one of many NIO chargers, view its rate and operating status, plan a route to the charger, scan to charge, and pay for the charging service via the apps of their own cars.

NIO Power and DEEPAL Open Charging Networks to Each Other

On April 23, Wuhan NIO Energy Co., Ltd. ("NIO Power") and DEEPAL Automobile Technology Co, Ltd ("DEEPAL") officially entered into a cooperation agreement on opening up the charging networks to each other. According to the agreement, DEEPAL will have full access to NlO charging stations starting May. In addition to DEEPAL, NIO Power will subsequently work with other brands under Changan Auto, integrating their APPs, mini-programs and IVls with NIO's charging networks, and offering users of these brands an easier and higher-quality charging experience.

NIO Power and JI YUE Reached Agreement on Sharing Charging Networks

On April 3, Wuhan NIO Energy Co., Ltd. ("NIO Power") and Wuhan Jidu Automobile Service Co., Ltd. ("JI YUE") formally reached an agreement on sharing charging networks. According to the agreement, JI YUE will gradually access NIO Power's charging stations in China, covering a wide range of high-demand scenarios including expressways, business districts, office blocks, residential areas, tourist spots and hotels.

First Charging Station Jointly Built by NIO Power and CNOOC Refining in Operation

On April 24, NIO Power and CNOOC’s first jointly-funded charging station, the Kaikang CNOOC Building Charging Station, was officially launched and put into operation. Since the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement on June 27, 2023, NIO Power and CNOOC Refining have jointly built three integrated charging and swapping stations, two battery swapping stations, and one charging station.

NIO and Midea Enter into Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On April 10, NIO and Midea signed the strategic cooperation agreement in Anqing. The two companies will cooperate in such areas as NEV parts and components, automation, digital development, low-carbon parks, and smart logistics.

Formula Student China 2024 Launched at Auto China, Marking the 10th Consecutive Year of NIO's Support

The Press Conference of Formula Student China 2024 was held at NlO booth during the 18th Beiiing International Automotive Exhibition. The event organizing committee announced that the 2024 "NIO Cup", Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) and Formula Student Autonomous China (FSAC) would be held in Hefei in October. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Formula Student China and the 10th consecutive year of NlO's intensive support to this event.