NextEV Issued Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit in California

Joining high-tech companies such as Google and Tesla, NextEV has been issued an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit by the California DMV. NextEV’s technical competency has now been officially recognized as it now joins the elite group of companies in Silicon Valley that are permitted to test autonomous vehicle technology.

Senator, Bob Wieckowski, the chair of the Senate’s Environmental Quality Committee and member of the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee who represents the district where NextEV is located, congratulated NextEV for recently receiving a $10 million tax credit through the California Competes Tax Credit program.

In a statement during the celebration, US CEO of NextEV Padmasree Warrior said: “Our new autonomous vehicle permit will now allow us to gather more data to perfect our intelligent, electric vehicles for the road.”

Bob Wieckowski stated: “NextEV will continue the 10th Senate District leadership in California’s automobile renaissance. They are building and designing innovative zero emission vehicles, which will enhance both our economy and our environment by securing our leadership in clean energy technologies.”