NIO Achieves Annual Target of 700 Battery Swap Stations Ahead of Schedule

NIO 700th Power Swap Station

On December 10, 2021, NIO installed its 700th battery swap station in China, hitting its annual target ahead of schedule.

NIO’s second-generation battery swap station allows the vehicle to automatically park into the station, with which users can experience a three-minute battery swap while staying inside the vehicle. So far, NIO has provided over 5.3 million swaps to users in China. Battery swapping has become one of the favorite power solutions among NIO users.

NIO is accelerating its deployment of battery swapping stations in urban areas. At the end of November, 42.34% of NIO users live within three kilometers from their nearest battery swapping station. The "Station to Vehicle" ratio drops to 258, meaning on average each battery swap station serves 258 cars.

NIO 700th Power Swap Station

So far, NIO has installed a total of 700 battery swapping stations, 3,020 Power Chargers, and 3,319 destination chargers, and has connected with over 430,000 third-party charging piles. NIO Power’s service network enabled by chargeable, swappable and upgradable batteries has provided a holistic battery charging and swapping service to users, striving to realize a service experience beyond refueling.