NIO Day 2023 Held in Xi'an, Smart Electric Executive Flagship ET9 Unveiled

Xi'an, China, December 23 - NIO Day, an annual gathering of NIO and its users, was successfully held in Xi'an with the theme of "A New Journey" this year. Over 2,000 NIO users participated comprehensively in preparation for NIO Day, including event planning, stage performances, and hospitalities, and more than 10,000 users were present at Xi'an Olympic Sports Center Stadium for the event.

At NIO Day 2023, NIO ET9, a smart electric executive flagship, officially made its debut. Smart EVs have reached the pinnacle of technological innovation. With NIO's strategic and comprehensive investment in the core technologies of smart EVs, NIO ET9 integrates the latest technological research and development achievements, showcasing a perfect package of flagship-style exterior, spacious interior, immersive experience, efficient recharging, and smart technologies. NIO ET9 is designed specifically for the new generation of high-end business users, offering a sophisticated, comfortable, and safe smart electric executive flagship.

NIO ET9 reshapes the presence of the executive flagship in the era of smart EV. With a length of 5,325mm, a width of 2,016mm, a height of 1,620mm, and a wheelbase of 3,250mm, NIO ET9 presents a strong posture. Adopting the Landjet design, it satisfies users with cabin space, comfort, safety, and steering.

NIO ET9 adopts a four-seat layout. The innovative "Sky Island" and "Executive Bridge" create exclusive first-class comfort. Inside the "Executive Bridge", NIO ET9 offers a 360-degree versatile tray table for the passengers in the rear seats, which can be adjusted at any angle. The first-class rear seats of NIO ET9 file 24 self-developed patented technologies, with a maximum backrest adjustment angle of 45 degrees, a seat cushion width of 582mm, and 11 adjustments with one click, providing benchmarking comfortable experience. Moreover, the 7 electric sunshades can be activated with one click.

NIO ET9 defines the executive flagship with leading position in technology, bringing together over 100 NIO full-stack technologies, including 17 world-first technologies, 52 leading technologies, and 525 patents filed, setting a new technological benchmark for electric vehicles.

SkyRide Intelligent Chassis System of NIO ET9 integrates three core hardware systems - steer-by-wire, rear-wheel steering, and full active suspension – for the first time, making it the world's only driven-by-wire intelligent chassis. In the face of complex road conditions, NIO ET9 can deliver a driving experience akin to traveling on a flat surface.

NIO ET9 is equipped with China's first Full-Domain 900V Architecture, boasting the highest voltage of 925V, a charging peak power of 600kW, and a charging peak current of 765A. The 900V ultra-fast charging and swapping platform allows fast recharging after a 3-minute battery swap or extending the range by 255km with a 5-minute charge.

NIO ET9 boasts a self-developed intelligent system, where NIO's super computing platform Adam 2.0 supports computing functions in six major areas, namely intelligent driving, digital cockpit, intelligent chassis, body, e-powertrain, and cloud. NIO premiered its first 5nm automotive-grade chip for AD, the NX9031, achieving a strong combination of computing power and proprietary algorithms. It shares computing resources between autonomous driving and cockpit domains, ensuring ultimate safety and efficiency. SkyOS, NIO's vehicle operating system, creates a technical cluster covering vehicle control, intelligent driving, cockpit, and mobile connectivity, constituting the "soul" of the executive flagship.

NIO ET9 incorporates flagship-level safety features covering every aspect of travel safety. Not only does it possess a torsional stiffness of 52,600Nm/deg, but it also expands safety boundaries with the most advanced sensing units and computing capabilities. Designed following aviation-grade safety standards, NIO ET9 allows for safety redundancy in seven key systems of smart EV, including driving, braking, sensing, computing, communication, and power distribution, setting the global safety benchmark for executive flagships.

NIO ET9 is available for pre-order in China, with delivery time scheduled in the first quarter of 2025.

At NIO Day 2023, NIO launched the fourth-generation NIO Power Swap Stations (PSS 4.0) and the 640kW Liquid Cooled Power Charger. PSS 4.0 is compatible with multiple brands and reduces the overall swapping time by 22%. Equipped with rooftop photovoltaic systems, PSS 4.0 saves nearly 18,000kWh of electricity annually. NIO 640kW Power Charger has a maximum current of 765A, maximum voltage of 1000V, and a peak charging power of 640kW. The charging power can be automatically allocated within the station. In 2024, NIO will build 1000 Power Swap Stations and 20,000 chargers, further enhancing the charging experience for users.

Outside the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center Stadium, the user marketplace initiated by NIO Users Trust features 75 stalls run by NIO users. All the sales were donated to Xi'an Charity Association, while NIO Users Trust matched donations at a 1:1 ratio. At NIO Day 2023, NIO and NIO Users Trust announced the collaboration with China Charity Federation to launch NIO Climate Action, allocating RMB 50 million. to mitigate disasters and environmental issues caused by global climate change.

"Faced with the complexities of the world, we need to adhere to our values, ambition and responsibility, and maintain passion for life and belief in the future," said NIO's founder, chairman, and CEO, William Li. "NIO ET9, the smart electric executive flagship, comprehensively showcases NIO's R&D strengths and achievements. Integrated with over 100 NIO full-stack technologies, NIO ET9 reaches a new height of innovation and technological development, representing NIO's determination, confidence, and ambition in leading the premium smart EV market and providing high-quality products and services to our users."