The 1,200th NIO Power Swap Station is Up and Running

15 november 2022 by NIO

On November 6, the NIO Power Swap Station’s official launch at Suzhou New District Jinke Wangfu Hotel marked a total of 1,200 Power Swap Stations in China. We will continue to deploy and achieve our goal of deploying more than 1,300 Power Swap Stations by the end of this year.

Steady progress in deployment, continuous improvement in service capacity

Within a year, 600 new power swap stations have been deployed.

NIO users have completed nearly 14 million battery swaps, with the daily average exceeding 30,000 swaps. Every 2.8 seconds, there is a NIO car exiting from a Power Swap station.

The number of vehicles sharing one power swap station is steadily decreasing. Power swap stations can provide sufficient service capacity to meet the growing needs of our users.

Power swap network along expressways helps more users enjoy traveling at anytime

A total of 324 Power Swap stations have been deployed along expressways nationwide. The power swap network covering five vertical expressways, three horizontal ones, and five metropolitan areas has been completed. While NIO continues to deepen the deployment of its current expressway Power Swap network connecting five north-south expressways, three east-west expressways, and four megalopolises in China. By 2025, NIO‘s expressway Power Swap network will connect nine north-south expressways, nine east-west expressways, and 19 megalopolises in China. Users can travel freely on the expressways and set out whenever they want.                                                                 

Flexible battery upgrade makes traveling worry-free

The deployment of a power swap network provides not only greater assurance on charging, but also better support for battery upgrades. Up till now, NIO has provided battery upgrades to more than 23,000 users, enabling more users to expand their travel range.

Chargeable, swappable, and upgradable power service system

In China, NIO now has over 1,200 Power Swap stations, 1,101 Power Charger stations with 5,747 Power Chargers, 948 Destination Charger stations with 6,068 Destination Chargers, and 590,000+ third-party chargers have been integrated into the system. NIO provides permanent and flexible battery upgrades, offering users a power service system that supports charging, swapping, and upgrading.

We will build 1,300+ Power Swap stations by 2022 and 4,000+ by 2025 so that 90% of users can live in the "Power Swap station district housing.” We will expand the power network to make charging more convenient than refueling.