Always Forward 2022-An Award-Winning Year

10 januari 2023 by NIO

This year, we entered Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden in Europe. We also built the first power swap station in Germany and other countries! In addition, our flagship sedan, the NIO ET7, received a maximum five-star rating in the latest Euro NCAP safety test. As a user enterprise, we continuously strive to offer our users the best-in-class technology, service, and products.

NIO won this month's J.D. Power Luxury New Energy Vehicle Brand Innovation award. In addition, our NIO ES8 won NO. 1 in the 2022 China New Energy Vehicle Automotive Performance Execution and Layout (NEV-APEAL) luxury electric, and NIO ES6 won first place in the 2022 New Energy Vehicle Initial Quality Study (NEV-IQS) luxury electric.

In 2022, we were honored to receive much recognition for our technology, design, and sustainability efforts:


NIO Won the First Prize in the 2022 China Society of Automotive Engineers (China-SAE) Science and Technology Award for the "Key Technology and Industrialization of Efficient and Safe Electric Vehicle Battery Swap."

The NIO ET7 won the Technological Frontrunner award from Auto Awards Denmark.

NIO was awarded the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award as the only non-cyber security company and the only Chinese company honored by this award.

NIO has received a gold award for Cyber or Info Security Outstanding Achievement of the year in the 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Globee Awards.

NIO has been recognized as a 2022 Stratus Award winner of the Cloud Security Service category by The Business Intelligence Group among 59 other companies, services, and executives deemed leaders in the cloud industry. 

NIO has also been named the winner of the 2022 Merit Awards for technology innovation.

Furthermore, NIO has made it to the Elite Brands Watch 2022, along with other prestigious brands.


NIO ET7 has won the Golden Steering Wheel 2022 award as the best new car. This is the most important honor in the German automotive industry. In addition, the ET7 ranked the highest score among others in that category.

NIO ET7 received the "Car of the year 2022" award from "Auto Motor & Sport" in Sweden (the leading Swedish car magazine) and was awarded NIO ET7 the "best luxury car" of all test cars in 2022.

The NIO ET7 got a strong second place in the car of the year award in Norway, among many other strong competitions. The prize is awarded for the 15th year in a row under the auspices of Dagbladet, Dinside, and Elbil24.

NIO was rated as a 5A enterprise, according to the Automotive Industry Energy Conservation and Green Development Evaluation Center, which officially released the 2021 Auto Enterprise Green Development Index. 

The NIO ET7 and the NIO Power DC Charger have won the Good Design Awards

NIO has won for the 4th consecutive year in the J.D. Power quality survey.

NIO was awarded the 2022 Global New Energy Vehicles Innovation Technology Award.

NIO's ET7 has been recognized by Fast Company for Innovation by Design 2022.


NIO collaborated with organizations worldwide with the Clean Parks project. We provide smart EVs, construct clean energy infrastructure, and formulate clean and low-carbon energy circulation to protect the authenticity and integrity of ecosystems. As a result of our efforts, NIO has been awarded the 2022 Sustainability awards by the Business Intelligence Group.

In addition, we have completed the 1,200th power swap station in China. The first integrated Power Charger and Swap Station jointly built by NIO and Shell was officially operating in Tongan, Xiamen. We also contributed to the historic Hypercars exhibit that displayed the NIO EP9 at the world-renowned Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. We continue to listen to our users daily to improve, innovate, and offer the best user experience. Thank you for joining us as part of this "Always forward" journey.

A Strong Start to 2023

At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, our Digital Cockpit team, led by Lei Zhang, the VP, was also honored with the Software Defined Vehicle Pioneer honor.