Join Our Formula E New York E-Prix Sweepstakes

17 juni 2021 by NIO

Enter the NIO 333 Formula E Sweepstakes

Thank you for participating in our NIO 333 Formula E sweepstakes contest. We have received some great feedback nationwide. If you still want to win the chance to be at the New York City E-Prix to experience the speed of Formula E in person, we encourage you to submit your entry here. The contest will run until June 25, 2021. 

We will notify the winners after June 25 (no later than July 5) and reach out to them directly via email from our official NIO account.

Protecting your data privacy is our top priority, and we will not share any of your information in any shape or form. This is an entirely FREE entry sweepstakes, so please be aware that NIO would not ask you to pay for anything or request any of your personal information such as credit card information, social security numbers, etc. 

A few reminders for this sweepstakes:

  1. The contest is entirely FREE of charge. 
  2. We only notify the winners via an official NIO email account. 
  3. This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by other third parties.
  4. We will not ask for shipping costs or any other fees.

If you are one of the lucky winners, please be aware that COVID safety protocols are in place. Vaccinated and non-vaccinated ticket holders would have separate seating areas at the event.

NIO 333 Formula E team

Learn more about the NIO 333 Formula E team.