Music Lessons, NIO Style: Dedication through Voice, Melody, and Song

29 januari 2020 by NIO

For our NIO Day on December 28, 2019, loyal NIO user and professional piano teacher, Sun Lei, drove five hours round trip in her NIO ES6 from her home in Guangzhou to Shenzhen twice per week in December. The reason? To make NIO’s first-ever user produced NIO Day a smashing success – she had to make sure she had enough time to practice ahead of the big day after previous NIO Days that featured pop bands like Imagine Dragons and Bruno Mars.

On NIO Day, Sun surely wowed the crowd, perhaps more because the music and song poured from her heart and her own experience. She and 16 other NIO users took the stage as the “Blue Sky Chorus” to sing the virtues of owning a NIO vehicle despite the challenging year for NIO.

Sun volunteered to compose the performance at NIO Day after growing tired of stories in the media. Sun wanted to set the record straight and share her positive experiences as a NIO owner. Our enthusiastic users organized the performance with generous volunteer efforts from our loyal community of NIO users.

The events of this year’s NIO Day were humbling and very appreciated. The “Blue Sky Chorus” spent a month of writing and rehearsing a song together to express their love for the brand and over 150 others volunteered to pick up attendees from nearby airports and train stations before the event.

What’s more, the devotion is transforming into tangible benefits. Our CEO and co-founder, William Li attributed a 25% rise in Q3 sales to a “thriving and growing” community, adding that nearly half of new orders came from existing owner referrals over the past year.

Since our beginning in 2014, we’ve committed to a user-centric enterprise by heavily investing in our operations with 22 NIO Houses nationwide featuring bespoke design elements and a comforting place for users to hang out, read books and even leave their children for daycare.

We are so honored to care for our users and for their continued support throughout the years. Our value is in our service to them and their resulting loyalty to us.


Translated lyrics: 

Hey bro, I just bought a NIO electric SUV. 

Oh hey, awesome! I already got my second NIO car.  

Well, as a NIO user, you must have a strong mind.  


He gave me a look   

She gave me a smirk 

They all gossip about 

Then questions come around 

Oops, they did it again  

Ehhh, what is the name of your car? 

Oh, NIO 

Right, that’s it.  

Rumor has it that NIO: 

Power mobile runs on oil 

NIO House costs 100 mil 

Broke down on Changan Street  

Slumped down on Wall Street 

Well the truth is… 

What truth? It’s all over the news! 

NIO is actually quite good 

We don’t believe it. 

Boyfriend got grumpy 

Mom and dad were fussy 

BFFs are happy  

For me being so silly 

Such a toxic friendship 

Hey, we’ve all read it.  

Poor guy.  

What? What did you read? 

The article.  

The most tragic man in 2019 

Don’t buy it. Told you so! 

The car you bought. What’s it for? 

The most tragic man. So are you.  

Listen to my advice when buying something new 

Go away! 

NOMI, do you freestyle? 


We work our butt off like everyone 

We, though rippin’ and runnin’, never yield 

Keep looking and searching, where is the one? 

With NIO we settled and satisfied 

All aluminum body, air suspension, armed to the teeth 

Tracks and roads, triumph over all, ‘tis easy peasy 

No charging piles? No sweat 

Be it any trouble, NIO will come to my rescue 

Friends, peers, boss, parents 

Don’t need to buzz around 

Why bother with the rumors 

Here, listen to the truth 

What I want, the best drive experience 

What I want, the smiley face of NOMI 

What I want, the blue sky coming 

What I don’t want, you being misled by hearsays 

Technology bring us more choices 

Keep my eyes on the stars and feet on the ground 

Those so-called experts are full of nonsense 

To know a car, you cannot solely count on online sources 

I have a say in my life 

My future is not far beyond reach   

No one ever can hurt me with their words 

NIO deserves the love of mine and yours 

My car is not an impulsive purchase 

Given another chance, I’ll choose NIO one more time 

People are watching over you 

Don’t give up easily 

Pour your heart into it and they will follow 

Stay true to ourselves 

No retreat 

No regret 

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? 

I don’t regret trusting you 

Let’s dance a spring ballet 

Friends, open up your heart 

Keep your smile on and let it go 

Stay brave and fearless!