NIO announces NIO Coronavirus Fund

31 januari 2020 by NIO

NIO announces NIO Coronavirus Fund

In the face of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, the health and safety of our NIO users and community are our top priority. On January 28, 2020, NIO’s User Trust Council held an emergency conference call to discuss a series of matters including how to combat this virus, how to offer useful and practical help to NIO users, and how to organize donations. The User Trust Council announced to raise RMB5 million (approximately $720,800 USD) to set up a Coronavirus Fund. 

Users and council members discussed the application plan of this fund. Details of the allocation of RMB 3million of this fund are as follows:

  1. RMB2 million will be used to send out anti-virus kits to all NIO users.
  2. RMB500,000 will be dedicated to patient solatium. NIO User Trust will provide RMB50,000 to each user family with confirmed cases (applicable to spouse, parents and children). The affected families will need to provide the copies of medical certificate and kinship certificate.
  3. RMB400,000 will be used for solatium to medical care personnel. If a user or his/her spouse is a medical care personnel and has been working in Hubei province to combat the virus, they will receive RMB10,000 per person. Doctor/nurse certificates and onsite photos are required to apply.
  4. RMB100,000 will be budgeted to special project support for users who cannot go home or need help due to this coronavirus pandemic.

Our council members are working with our user community to discuss allocation of the remaining RMB2 million. The financial details of this special fund will be published in the NIO community for supervision after the pandemic passes.