NIO Radio: NIO Users’ Radio

07 april 2021 by NIO

NIO is more than a car company. “Shaping a joyful lifestyle” is our mission. NIO is committed to our users. They spend time on the NIO App every day, visit NIO Houses in every city, get charged up at power swap stations, and purchase the uniquely designed NIO Life products. We are honored to be a part of their everyday lives.

NIO Radio

“NIO is building a community where it contains joy, laughter, and growth with our users. It connects to NIO App, NIO House, and NIO Day. Meanwhile, we envision this is an in-vehicle platform that generates an interactive community for our users so that we can share our stories and lives, so we can all grow together with NIO Radio,” said William Li, the founder CEO of NIO.    

On NIO Day 2019, William Li surprised the audience by inviting G.E.M to the stage, the beloved superstar in Asia, and the crowd went wild. This successful NIO Day performance was written by NIO Radio and NOMI. According to NOMI, the most played song on NIO Radio from our users was “I like you” by G.E.M. In essence, the performer was chosen by the NIO user community. 

NIO Radio is an online interactive audio community that runs 24/7. It is an exclusive channel made for our users. It creates an immersive sound experience and is a platform NIO users can use to connect and communicate. NIO shows that feature news, finance & weather forecasts, top NIO Community news, music, and life tips shared by NIO users, will be coming in the future. We keep the conversation inclusive and diverse for our growing community.

With the latest NIO FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) update, NIO Radio became the world’s first in-vehicle streaming service with a 5.1 surround sound system. You can enjoy listening to the NIO Day 2020 theme song “Always Forward” and many more music selections that support 5.1 surround sound. It now supports NIO live show audio listening, which means you can listen to William Li’s keynote on NIO Day or other live NIO events. 

“NIO Radio changed my lifestyle. Before getting my new ES8, I used to listen to F.M. radio channels or my iPod music when I’m in my car, but now I can’t stop listening to NIO Radio.” NIO User Ming said. “My favorite show on NIO Radio is ‘You Have Stories,’ where you can hear the voice from NIO users just like me. I understand why NIO Radio is so popular because it not just provides the music, but also offers the platform for ordinary people to share their stories.”

NIO Radio: NIO Users’ Radio

“I didn’t expect that buying a car could bring a whole community to my life, not sure what else I can get for my next car except NIO.” NIO user Jia said. 

NIO listens to users closely, as you can hear on NIO Radio. It’s a channel from our users’ voice, the exclusive high-quality radio powered by the NIO community.