NIO’s Design Story Featuring Kris Tomasson, VP of Design

17 augusti 2021 by NIO


On July 21, Kris Tomasson, NIO’s VP of Design, was invited to keynote at the ArtCenter College of Design’s Virtual Car Classic. He discussed creating the NIO brand, how design plays a role in our logo and products, and his thoughts on the future of car design.

“Design is a language. It says, ‘This is who we want to be, and this is what our product should do and how it should communicate.’ These are brand fundamentals and what has propelled us even to this day,” says Kris on how the NIO brand came to be. 

Kris also mentioned the challenge of finding the balance between design and material, “We always care for the environment and take sustainable material very seriously. I believe we found the best premium sustainable material in our upcoming NIO ET7.” Vision to action, that’s also what NIO’s logo represents.

At NIO, we are Driven By Design, and it is one of the founding pillars of our company. Our design is guided by four key principles: Pure, Human, Progressive, and Sophisticated. Stay tuned for our upcoming series where we share an inside look at our design process.