NIO ET7 Winter Test Completed in New Zealand

16 augusti 2021 by NIO


Since the NIO ET7 was introduced at NIO Day, we conducted tests in various locations toward mass production. Among these tests was a fundamental and indispensable part, the winter test. This included a systemic and complete collection of dynamic tests on all types of low-adhesion roads to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience for users in different scenarios.

The summer season in China did not provide the environment and low temperatures the test required. However, New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere allowed us to complete the test promptly.

In July 2021, we spent a month testing the NIO ET7 in winter conditions. The renowned Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) of New Zealand, with about 4.9 million m2, boasts 37 snow flats, ice flats, and handling tracks. Situated in the piedmont area adjacent to the Cardrona Valley near Queenstown, a complex mountainous landscape simulated various test environments close to everyday vehicle-use scenarios. 

The winter test allowed snow flats, snow and ice circles, ice flats, bumpy roads, gradients, and handling tracks, which have helped verify such features as ABS, ESC, TCS, and others to ensure stability and controllability of the NIO ET7.

The NIO ET7 will continue to go through a series of rigorous global tests. Stay tuned for our further progress! #ReadyforTomorrow

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