NIO's NOP Reviewed by Tech Channel QU PING CE

27 juli 2021 by NIO

Our advanced driver-assistance system (commonly referred to as autonomous driving) is NIO’s Navigate on Pilot (NOP). Last year NIO pushed NOP with the NIO OS 2.7.0 update. Some of the advanced features include automatic navigation on highway ramps based on its high-definition map. NOP also automates lane switching and can overtake other vehicles based on road conditions, one step closer to fully autonomous driving.

Only two companies in the market have this feature, and NIO's NOP is one of them. QU PING CE, a popular tech review channel in China led by Li Jieling, test drove the NIO ES8 with the upgraded NOP feature when NIO OS 2.7.0 was first released.

"As long as the lane on the route is clear and the traffic conditions on the road are ok, the NIO ES8 can complete the driving smoothly," said Li about the NIO ES8 driving ability with NIO's NOP feature.  

"There are some details, such as NOMI turning its head toward you when you open the door from the driver's seat, that are really great. When you open the door from the passenger seat, NOMI turns her head toward you. This little human-computer interaction is very impressive!" When Li mentioned how NOMI interacts with the drivers and passengers with NIO OS 2.7.0 update. 

NIO has updated to 2.10.0 as the latest OS, and it allows the vehicle to automatically maneuver into the NIO Power Battery Swap Station 2.0. Users can complete a self-service battery swap with only one click while staying in the car. NIO's NOP will continue to improve via Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) upgrades.