A Quick Look at the 100 kWh Battery and User Upgrade Plans

17 november 2020 by NIO

Battery as a Service

Four Technology Highlights:

  1. Thermal propagation prevention design for better thermal management
  2. Improve space utilization by 19.8%*, energy density by 37%*, thermal management performance by 17.5%*, and manufacturing efficiency by 40%
  3. All-climate thermal management to improve the performance and extend the lifetime of the battery
  4. Bi-directional cloud BMS for precision control from the cell to the system and for a perfect balance between optimal working condition and ultimate performance

    * Compared with NIO’s 70 kWh battery

Battery as a Service

Flexible Battery Upgrade

  1. Buy a Vehicle with Battery
    • 100 kWh battery as an option for a new car 58,000 RMB
    • With national subsidies of up to 22,500 RMB
  2. Buy a Vehicle with Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS)
    • Subscribe to a 100 kWh battery to enjoy a vehicle price reduction of 128,000 RMB
    • With battery subscription fee of 1,480 RMB per month*
      *With 100 kWh battery and Worry-Free Service Package
  All-new ES8 ES6 EC6
MSRP From ¥ 526,000 From ¥ 416,000 From ¥ 426,000
Price with BaaS From ¥ 398,000 From ¥ 288,000 From ¥ 298,000

Battery as a Service


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