Safety in Software Systems

04 april 2019 by NIO

This blog was written by Jamie Carlson, Vice President of Autonomous Driving.

Safety in Software Systems

We’re witnessing a huge transition in the automotive industry right now. As vehicles become more electrified, we’re seeing mechanical innovation nearing its end. Not because it cannot continue to evolve, but because it does not make sense against the disruption from the electrification. This also marks a transition from electrical to electronics, and one of the electronic systems I am especially excited about is creating a fail-safe software system for autonomous driving.

At NIO, our Autonomous Drive team is working to give developers their time back to focus on further innovating and improving the automotive industry. In order to do this, we need to develop a single source of truth for applications, simulation, communication, validation, production and production testing. This isn’t always easy with complex software systems, but we are committed to creating confidence within the system, quality of implementation, automation of validation and more meaningful simulation.

We thought about how we could develop automotive systems that support continued electronic innovation, and thus autonomous drive. I recently spoke at NVIDIA GTC on the actions we are taking to supporting our vision.