Tech Reviewer S. White Tests NIO's NOP

13 juli 2021 by NIO

S. White reviews NIO NOP

At the Beijing International Auto Show 2020, NIO unveiled its Navigate on Pilot (NOP) feature, making NIO one of only two automakers in the world to implement automatic navigation assistance. NOP with NIO OS 2.7.0 offers many advanced features. It can be used in the city and freeways, adjusts speed depending upon speed limits, switches lanes based on road conditions, and possesses offline mode.

S. White, a tech reviewer, shares his views after testing NOP on the ES6 after its release last year.

Video credits to S. White
Captions by NIO

“As the first version of NOP, its performance was more mature than I expected. It reduces driver fatigue during a long trip. Furthermore, since NIO uses its advanced software, that makes future updates more convenient via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air),” reviewed by S. White.

“NOP makes me want to drive and travel more with my NIO vehicles. It can switch and merge lanes and smartly change the speed. It’s more interactive with our users, and you have to drive the car to feel that special feeling!” Said by an NIO user who owns 11 NIO vehicles.

In January 2021, with the NIO OS 2.9.0 update via FOTA, many new features were added, including smarter automatic parking, nearby summon, widget for driver seat quick control of NOMI with concise speech, in addition to the continuous improvements for NOP.