A Warm Reception for NIO in Norway

30 mars 2022 by NIO

NIO ES8 in Norway

With the crisp autumn weather and characteristic Norwegian hospitality, NIO had the distinct honor to make new friends this past October 2021.

We opened our doors to the first European NIO House in Norway at Karl Johans Gate 33, Oslo’s center of commerce and culture. NIO House | Oslo has the largest user center in Norway with 2,100 square meters that has products and services on the upper level and a lower floor for the NIO Cafe, Library, Forum, Lab, Living Room, and Joy Camp areas.

NIO’s Battery as a Service (BaaS) is also available in Norway, and those who subscribe to BaaS will be able to enjoy the services of the NIO Power Swap network. By the end of 2022, NIO plans to build 20 Power Swap stations in Norway, covering Norway’s five largest cities and their main roads. 

Since its launch, NIO has been received some positive feedback from the media and users, especially on the Power Swap Station and the BaaS program. In addition, Finansavisen used “innovative” on the battery subscription model. 

Stian Reinhartsen was the first customer to use the battery swap station. He said, “The experience was absolutely king, very simple. All you had to do was back in front of the station and press the buttons. Then it backs in itself.” 

We appreciate the encouragement and will continue to bring the best user experience to our users. 


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