NIO Honored With Paulson Prize for Sustainability

On September 26, the award ceremony for the 2023 Paulson Prize for Sustainability (the "Paulson Prize"), jointly organized by the Paulson Institute and Tsinghua University, was held in Beijing. NIO got the Green Innovation Winner for its "shaping a low-carbon industry by innovative technologies of EV battery swapping".

Launched in 2013, the Paulson Prize is one of the most influential international awards in the field of sustainable development. The annual award recognizes innovative, replicable, economically and environmentally beneficial solutions in China that address the world's most pressing climate and biodiversity challenges.

To incentivize solutions that address climate change, improve environmental quality, and promote a zero-carbon transition, the Paulson Prize has established the "Green Innovation" category, which aims to build a sustainable future that is a win-win for both the environment and the economy.

Fei SHEN (first from left), Senior Vice President of NIO, received the annual award in the "Green Innovation" category.

Confronted with the dilemmas faced by the new energy vehicle industry in the context of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, such as poor replenishment experience, increased battery safety risks, and inefficient recycling, NIO has proposed a route for EV battery swapping, developed efficient and safe key technologies for EV battery swapping, including the first vehicle-electricity separation and decoupling technology, fully automatic intelligent battery swapping technology in station coordination, and multi-electrical battery swapping network fusion technology, etc. NIO has authorized 223 patents for invention, and has formulated a total of 22 national, industry, local, and group standards.

Along with the delivery of various models and the deployment of the battery swapping network, battery swapping technology has achieved mature industrialization and application, and NIO has systematically achieved technological breakthroughs and industrial promotion, and constructed the world's largest EV battery swapping ecosystem.

As of October 11th, NIO has laid out 1,944 Power Swap Stations nationwide, including 575 highway Power Swap Stations, 3,230 Power Charge Stations, 18,879 charging piles, and more than 900,000 non-NIO charging piles. Continuous layout to make refueling more convenient than refueling.