NIO Named on MIIT’s 2023 Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise List

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) officially announced the 2023 Green Manufacturing List, and NIO was successfully named to the list of Green Supply Chain Management Enterprises after multiple rounds of assessment. This is the first time that NIO has been selected into this list.

To facilitate carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in the industrial sector, and drive the development of high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing in China, the MIIT launched the Green Manufacturing Initiative in 2017, compiling and publishing annual lists of green factories, green industrial parks, and green supply chain management enterprises. Among them, the evaluation of "Green Supply Chain Management Enterprises" covers multiple indicators including supply chain management strategy, supplier management, production, recycling, establishment of information platform, and information disclosure of the companies.

"Blue Sky Coming" is the original aspiration NIO has been staying true to since establishment. NIO has been pressing ahead with sustainable development bit by bit from adopting low-carbon materials, to efficient and eco-friendly vehicle production, and to initiating the Clean Parks joint ecosystem development plan. As a crucial link connecting with upstream parts and components partners, NIO Supply Chain has a mission to build a sustainable and resilient supply chain with low carbon emissions.

System: NIO started the project to sort out the carbon footprints of the thousands of parts and components in the vehicle back in 2021, quantifying the carbon emissions of major components, accumulating data insights for carbon emissions reduction of vehicle parts, and putting in place a data base for emission reductions applicable to the NIO system through close coordination with upstream partners.

NIO has also developed the Internal Carbon Price (ICP) mechanism at the corporate level that serves as a base and direction for decision making regarding carbon emissions reduction. NIO is also one of the first Chinese automotive companies doing so.

Products:NIO has been continuously improving the use of low-carbon and renewable materials. For example, the use of bio-based Haptex® synthetic leather reduces carbon emissions at production phase by over 60%, the applications of bio-based Microfiber and renewable rattan improve tactile quality with more environmentally friendly materials, and the sustainable fabric 100% recycled from PET bottles treated with environmentally friendly reagents makes the cabin materials antibacterial and easier to maintain.

At the same time, coordinating with upstream raw material partners, NIO has gradually secured the supply of low-carbon materials from the source so that the core components are of low carbon emissions in the long run.

New Mode: NIO has been pushing for recyclability and traceability throughout vehicle design, manufacturing and other stages to achieve vehicle-level emissions reduction at a controllable cost. So far, NIO's vehicle factories are already recycling part of the materials. At the same time, NIO has been collaborating with local government and partners in Lu'an, Anhui, in building a low-carbon recycling industrial park of high-end aluminum die casting, with an aim to put in place a green recycling model throughout the entire value chain of aluminum die casting jointly with supply chain partners.

NIO will continue adhering to sustainable development, respond to the appeal of the state, and coordinate with upstream and downstream business partners in the industry, working hard along the way to a sustainable smart EV industry.