NIO Launches the All-New EC6, a Smart Electric Coupe SUV, in China

Shanghai, September 15 - NIO officially launched the All-New EC6, a smart electric coupe SUV, in China.

The All-New EC6, born on the NT2.0 platform, comes with all-round upgrades including innovative family design language, ultimate performance and leading intelligence to deliver beyond-expectation mobility experience to families and individuals who would like more inspirations in their life.

4,849 mm long, 1,995 mm wide, and 1,697 mm high with a wheelbase of 2,915 mm, the All-New EC6 comes with the iconic coupe fastback, expressive silhouette, smooth and stretched curves on the top generated by polished inclination of A pillar and reduced body height, and the Dual-Mode Active Spoiler. Its drag coefficient has been optimized to as low as 0.24. The powerful surfaces at the rear, well blended with the broad shoulders, create a sharp contrast with the narrowing windshield. The 23-degree inverse cut makes the rear visually less thick, thus sportier and more dynamic.

Based on the family language of "Design for AD", the All-New EC6 takes a step further to adopt the innovative split-type Double Dash daytime running lights for the first time. The split design adds to the tension on the front surfaces, generating strong momentum. The DRL is designed to be more dimensional with 30mm ultra-wide crystal for better visual effects. Thanks to the innovation in the production process, the black edges originally sitting on top of the lights have been eliminated, setting a new trend for design.

The All-New EC6 is equipped with the dual-mode active spoiler that is 1,353 mm long and 196 mm wide with a frontal area of 0.254 sqm, optimizing the drag coefficient by up to 10%. The spoiler adopts a design of two sections that can be deployed automatically or manually to drag reducing and ultra-high speed positions. When the car speed exceeds 80 km/h, the spoiler will be deployed to the drag reducing position at an angle of 23 degrees, when the Cd reduces to the minimum of 0.24. And when the speed increases to 170 km/h, it will be tilted to the biggest angle of 31.5 degrees, the ultra-high speed position. It can provide 580N extra downforce to the vehicle at the speed of 200 km/h for enhanced handling confidence and vehicle stability.

The All-New EC6 offers nine exterior colors including the exclusive AR Lavender that draws inspiration from the virtual sky in the augmented reality, and four customized interior themes, namely Onyx Black, and the exclusive Red Loam, Stream Blue and Stellar Gray.

The cabin of the new car carries on with the "Second Living Room" philosophy with an embracing and human interior. Details like the invisible smart air vents, tone-to-tone deco strips with soft gloss, sophisticated microswitches, sustainable rattan, and acoustic fabric all together create a simplified but well-curated space. Acoustic optimization has been carried out in a total of 59 places, engineering the car towards outstanding NVH performance.

The All-New EC6 features a 1.770 m² panoramic sunroof with a lighting area of 1.156 m². It offers the 4.96 mm double-layered acoustic glass with heat and sound insulation as standard and electrochromic glass as optional. The third-generation electrochromic technology realizes visible light transmittance of 6% in the bright state with 85% total energy isolation and 1% visible light transmittance in the dark state with 86.3% total energy isolation. Up to 99.9% UV can be blocked.

Utilizing the premium seat platform developed in-house, the All-New EC6 offers integrated sports seats with sound support for human spine, suitable for both high-speed driving and family travel. Coupled with the native S-Shape cockpit layout, the car renders a spacious breathing space. The driver's seat and the front passenger seat support 16-way power adjustment and 18-way power adjustment respectively while the rear seatback inclination realizes power adjustment by 8 degrees forward and backward. The second-generation front passenger seat, known as the Lounge Seat, can recline a maximum of 172 degrees. With one tap, the seat can be switched to the Lounge Mode and Reclined Position, delivering true zero-gravity comfort by 120 degrees. The front-row seats feature heating, 8-point massage of fine-tuned finger pressure coming with diverse modes, and more enjoyable suction-based ventilation. Besides, the All-New EC6 is equipped with steering wheel heating. An all-round comfort package for a joyful and relaxing experience all along your journey.

With optimized space layout, the All-New EC6 also provides outstanding interior space. There are 22 storage compartments in addition to 7 hooks that can hold up to 30 kilograms of goods. The rear trunk has a volume of 594L with multi-layer hidden storage of 89L, while the total volume can be enlarged to 1,402L once the second-row seats are folded down.

Excellent performance has always been part of NIO's DNA. The All-New EC6 comes standard with a dual motor four-wheel drive system, equipped with a front 150 kW induction motor and a rear 210 kW permanent magnet motor totaling the power of 360 kW and torque of 700 N·m. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in just 4.4 seconds with half the load. As a standard configuration, NIO's in-house developed high-performance alluminium alloy 4-piston fixed calipers on the front wheel paired with 355 mm brake discs realize a braking distance of 34.5 meters from 100 to 0 kph (with the 21-inch rim).

The aluminum alloy and high-strength steel hybrid vehicle body balances performance and weight. The integrated die-cast aluminum alloy rear floor assembly and C and D pillars are designed for superior safety, protecting the battery and occupants, while significantly reducing part count and weight. The nearly 50:50 front-and-rear weight distribution and an ultralow center of gravity of 580 mm enhance neutral steering for better handling in sharp turns and a higher top speed. The handling is elevated comprehensively by the front and rear five-link suspension, the in-house developed Intelligent Chassis Domain Controller (ICC) and Continuous Damping Control (CDC). Customized adjustments enable different 0 to 100 kph acceleration time and 9 driving modes. Intelligent Smooth Stop (ISS) comes standard on the car, automatically adjusting the brake force at the end to greatly alleviate the nosedive and improve the driving comfort in congested urban areas.

The ever-evolving Banyan Digital System connects NIO products, services, and communities, bringing a unique experience of intelligent driving. The new "Find My Car" feature captures the surrounding environment with surround view cameras and the transparent chassis and encrypts the images, helping you locate the vehicle on NIO app. There are images of the environment around the car on NIO app, with which you can check the car's location. NOMI improves interaction efficiency with the added features of "Listening" and "center display control via voice commands".

For intelligent driving, the All-New EC6 comes standard with NIO Aquila Super Sensing equipped with 33 high-performance sensors including LiDAR, and NIO ADAM Super Computing featuring four NVIDIA Drive Orin X with a total computing power of up to 1,016 TOPS. The All-New EC6 comes standard with 24 active safety and driver-assist features powered by Aquila Super Sensing and ADAM Super Computing. The standard intelligent Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) allows matrix high-beam control. With Aquila Super Sensing, the LiDAR and front cameras automatically detect road conditions, providing input to the lighting system for precise beam distribution without disrupting other vehicles heading the same or opposite direction, to ensure driving safety at night.

With powerful computing and advanced video encoding and decoding capabilities, N-Box, the optional enhanced infotainment console, serves as the "entertainment brain" of PanoCinema, the digital cockpit, and the "second infotainment system." With various ways of inputs and outputs, it can support film watching by multiple passengers on an AR mega screen. Paired with NIO Air AR glasses, it offers an experience equivalent to a 201-inch screen with a view distance of six meters. The 7.1.4 Surround Sound System envelops occupants in its rich and pristine sound. Game consoles, laptops, and tablets can be connected to the system in a plug-and-play manner.

The full purchase price of NIO All-New EC6 in China starts at RMB 358,000 with a 75 kWh battery pack or RMB 416,000 with a 100 kWh battery pack. With subscription of Battery as a Service (BaaS), the price starts at RMB 288,000. From today, you can order the All-New EC6 on NIO app in China, where test drives and deliveries have officially started as well.