Hello Norway from William Li & Marius Hayler

A Welcome Letter from William Li & Marius Hayler

Hello, Norway friends.

We're NIO. The next-generation car company.

The automotive industry is on the cusp of profound change.

The future of vehicles is smart,  connected, and sustainable, but also autonomous. With you, we are leading the way.

We believe products and technology must change along with the way people use them and their entire ownership experience. We want you to feel optimistic about owning a car.

Is car ownership a priority when driving means more pollution, and owning is a hassle? People crave a personalized experience, like every other aspect of their life. With NIO, your car understands you and your lifestyle to ease your everyday journey.

We redefine "premium service" by creating products and providing services based on our users' ideal vehicle. With our users as our guide, electric vehicles are the natural choice for everyone, leading to a more sustainable tomorrow. 

In the past, cars gave people the freedom of mobility. 

In the future, cars will go one step further and free people from driving, giving them the freedom of time. 

Norway is leading the way towards a brighter future, thanks to your contribution to the electric car to shape a better future.

We are happy to shape a brighter future together with you all in Norway. 

NIO #BlueSkyComing. 

See you soon.

William Li
Founder, Chairman and CEO

Marius Hayler
General Manager, NIO Norway AS