NIO Inc. Provides February 2023 Delivery Update

On March 1, NIO announced that it delivered 12,157 vehicles in February, including 5,037 premium smart electric SUVs and 7,120 premium smart electric sedans, leading to 42.9% month-on-month and 98.3% year-on-year growth. From January to February 2023, NIO delivered a total of 20,663 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 30.9%. NIO has delivered a total of 310,219 vehicles.

On February 21, NIO announced that 1,000 new battery swap stations were to be built in China in 2023, by when NIO will have a cumulative total of more than 2,300 stations. Of the 1,000 new stations, 600 will be deployed in urban areas, especially tier-3 and tier-4 cities and counties where there is a certain base of users with no power swap station available currently.