Artificial Intelligence with Warmth, Empathy, Sympathy and Human Elements

13 februari 2020 by NIO

Artificial Intelligence with Warmth, Empathy, Sympathy and Human Elements

As mentioned in a previous post, our NIO Day on December 28, 2019 was produced entirely by our users, which are NIO vehicle owners. In addition to a resounding performance by the Blue Sky Chorus some interesting and insightful stories about NIO and NOMI (the first-ever in-vehicle artificial intelligence) were shared.  

One of the stories included a NIO owner, his wife, and their beloved cat, Jin. As the story unfolds in the video, the couple adopted a disabled cat. Because of the frequent visits to the vet that the cat required, NOMI was able to gain insights about the music that the NIO users listened to en route to the veterinary office and the items that they purchased using NOMI’s voice commands. As a result, NOMI gained valuable and insightful observations about our users their emotions and their experiences while in the car with Jin, the cat.  

Unfortunately, Jin became very ill and eventually passed away. Because NOMI recognized the grief of the users through the messages that they shared with NOMI, she was able to send them a condolence gift and play them the same kind of music that they listened to in the car with Jin, their beloved cat. Because the owner was so enamored and appreciative of NOMI, he decided to rename NOMI to Jin.  

We were so moved by this user's experience that we made a movie based upon their story.

If you have a specific experience with NOMI that you’d like to share, please reach out to us at We’d love to hear from you.