The Automotive Transformation is About Technology

06 april 2022 by NIO

Ganesh V. Iyer at NIO SEEDS Talk

Ganesh V. Iyer, NIO's Global CIO, EVP and Managing Director
Addresses the Disruption in a Beloved Industry

Similar to TED talks in the US, in China, NIO hosts SEEDs talks. Despite quarantining and a growing COVID concern, Ganesh V. Iyer the managing director of the US Research and Innovation office gave a SEEDs talk at a NIO House in China while on an extended business trip there.

From traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to today’s digital car, NIO innovates, designs, and moves forward combining a superior user experience, technology, design, service and safety. 

In his talk, he addressed industry innovation and shifts as a result of the digital transformation era. “We . . .are that innovative spirit and continuous change, [to] accelerating . . . innovation of the industry.” 

Ganesh believes that when the vehicle becomes completely autonomous, it will become a platform of commerce, content and productivity, and with an all-encompassing immersive experience.

Ganesh V. Iyer at NIO SEEDS Talk