Hallo Norway, Our NIO ES8 Test Drive for Norwegian Users

03 september 2021 by NIO

On August 13, 2021, the first batch of NIO ES8’s arrived in Drammen, Norway.


Recently, our eager Norwegian users test drove our NIO ES8. Within just three days, around 300 test drive slots were filled. We were overwhelmed by the warm responses from our 60 Norwegian users who experienced the NIO ES8 in person on the test drive’s first day. They are very impressed with the strength and capacity of the NIO ES8. 

We established a mini NIO House at the Eggemoen Airport close to Oslo. Here, you can enjoy beverages at the NIO Café, brainstorm ideas for NIO products, experience the interior material and color of the NIO ES8, and personalize your car. 

The NIO EP9 arrived at the mini NIO House from thousands of miles away to greet our Norwegian friends as a unique treat. So they can feel the history-making legendry electric hypercar and experience the special track DNA of NIO. 

The users were able to test the NIO ES8 on the airport runway and feel the power, speed, quick acceleration, and excellent braking capabilities of the NIO ES8. They also experienced its controllability in special tests explicitly developed for the Norwegian terrain. 

“Today’s experience was really impressive. A lot of cars might look like SUVs, but they are more for city drives. It’s extremely difficult to have the ability to conquer those rough mountain roads, but the [NIO] ES8 did it. I do like this car very much, so glad it came to Norway,” a user from the NIO Users Advisory Group commented. 

Norway is a mountainous country with high altitudes, so a vehicle’s performance to drive off the paved roads is one of the major concerns of our users. To testify to the NIO ES8’s supreme off-road capabilities, we took the users to the Heen Grutak track.