The Future of NIO’s Autonomous Driving

31 augusti 2021 by NIO

After launching the Navigate on Pilot (NOP) feature with NIO OS 2.7.0 update last year, several tech reviewers were able to test drive the NIO ES6 and the NIO ES8 to experience NOP, NIO’s driver assistance technology, and its many upgraded features. 

Automotive enthusiast Li Dacui reviewed NOP during a long road trip to a resort in China.  “I really like the fact that every time…NOP guides the vehicle to change or merge lanes, accelerate, decelerate, NOMI notifies the driver in advance, and then operates very gently,” remarked Li Dacui, also saying that he felt fully informed even with the autonomous driving feature activated.

Safety is the top priority at NIO. A fatigue warning gives proper warning to the drivers and ensures that they keep their hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road, and concentrate on driving. 

All the NIO vehicles receive improvements via Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates. Our most anticipated platform, included with the NIO ET7, has all the perception sensors and the computing power to meet the requirements for autonomous driving. 

Read more about NIO’s Autonomous Driving Technology from our chat with Jianyong Zhang discussing the future of NOP. 

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