NIO EVE and NIO ET7 Receive High Praise in Germany after NIO’s Design Workshop

13 september 2021 by NIO


Kris Tomasson, VP of Design, discussed and showcased our concept car, NIO EVE, and our anticipated NIO ET7 with a leading video blogger in Germany.

Kris explained our philosophy of “Driven by Design” with each of the NIO vehicles. Our four design principles: Pure, Human, Progressive, and Sophisticated, are embedded into all our NIO vehicles. With NIO EVE, it is “optimized for living; it’s a second living space,” Kris explained. “[NIO EVE] is redefining what this space can be.”

The NIO ET7 is our flagship electric sedan. NIO EVE was the inspiration for the NIO ET7. 

Watch the full feature on Drehmoment’s channel.