Hi, NOMI Speaks English

14 september 2021 by NIO


NIO's NOMI is the World's First In-Vehicle Artificial Intelligence. In May this year, NOMI achieved 200 million interactions with our users, and over 209,508,966 conversations were completed. 

We introduced her in 2018. NOMI can turn on the massage seat, take a selfie, select music to play that you'll enjoy, and navigate to your destination. In anticipation of our Norway launch, the overseas version of NOMI now can communicate with our users in English and Norwegian. NOMI: "NOMI is here." "What can I do for you?" This is an exciting moment in our global journey to create a joyful lifestyle for our users and supporters. Based on NIO OS 3.0.0 version software, there are some exclusive capabilities such as Navigation, media, voice commands, etc. for our users overseas. 

Stay tuned for future blogs about the history of our unique experiences and technology. Read more about NOMI.