NIO Awarded the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Network Security

06 juni 2022 by NIO

NIO Awarded the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Network Security

NIO was the only non-cyber security company and the only Chinese company honored by the Business Intelligence Group with the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Network Security. The business award program identifies and rewards the world’s leading companies and products working to keep data and electronic assets safe from a growing threat from hackers.

Specifically, NIO won for its Firmware-over-the-Air update system, with over a 99% success rate. All vehicles, including internal combustion engines (ICE), propelled via gasoline, have potential security issues. Electric vehicles have many interfaces to interact with the outside environment, increasing security risks. However, smart cars have powerful modern hardware devices and software systems, which give us enough space and the ability to deploy more advanced security defense mechanisms.

FOTA is our award-winning program. It received the DEVIES Award last year. The ability to continuously upgrade the system provides convenience and comfort to the users, fixes security vulnerabilities, and improves smart EV security and practicality. To minimize the cyber-attack risks of FOTA, we have built NIO's own CodeSec platform. For example, we check the code quality, scan for security vulnerabilities, and do fuzzing and penetration tests. In addition, we cooperate with universities to conduct formal verifications to ensure that the entire FOTA protocol with bugs free. We also built our security platform with a private VPN to ensure safe communication. We also have state of the art operation system to respond to any problems and get them fixed immediately. The challenges and opportunities are coexisting. We will continue to protect our users at the highest level.

Learn more about our award-winning cybersecurity, including our DEVIES and other technology awards and our recent UN Regulation No. 155 (UN-R155) certification.