NIO OS 3.0.0: Our All New User Interface and User Experience

23 september 2021 by NIO

Recently, we launched NIO OS 3.0.0, our in-car operating system, Aspen, for the NIO ES8, NIO ES6, and NIO EC6. “Aspen” is inspired by the trees’ leaves that change colors over the seasons, representing our ever-evolving software, sustainability strategy, and our “Blue Sky Coming” vision.

NIO OS 3.0.0 Aspen

Thanks to our users providing valuable feedback, we could integrate a more minimalistic design for our new UI/UX and optimize and redefine the driving experience. 

Here are some of the top updates:


Following our Driven by Design ideology, the central display, digital instrument cluster, and HUD were redesigned with a more precise information structure, more intuitive interaction, more flexible layout, and more sophisticated design.

2.0 vs. 3.0 HUD

New Team-Up Feature 

This new feature is accessible both on the central display and on the NIO app. The users can share their destination and real-time location with customizable travel groups. In addition, its real-time audio function allows the users in the travel group to always keep up with others on a joyful road trip. 


We added WeSing, a karaoke feature in the new NIO OS with over 10 million songs to have a more enjoyable time while in the car for the users. In addition, there are microphones now available on the NIO Life store so that you can enjoy an exclusive experience on the trip.

NIO users singing karaoke in the NIO vehicle


Our new in-vehicle health and fitness app allows our users to stay calm and meditate. In addition, Tide can be helpful when our users are tired or would like to take a break in the cabin space. There are Meditation, Breathe, and Nap modes available. The seat reclines once the mode is selected, and nature sounds emerge from the 5.1 surrounded sound system.

NIO Tide feature on NIO OS 3.0.0


NOMI gets smarter through this NIO OS 3.0.0 update. For example, now NOMI has full-domain continued conversation capabilities. Also, NOMI can recognize and locate the voice command zone so that the conversation won’t interrupt conversation. Overall, NOMI becomes more thoughtful and has more car control capacities.

NOMI animating with a fan

NIO Pilot

Safety is always the priority when it comes to NIO Pilot. With this update, we added Emergency Driver Assist (EDA) feature. When NIO Pilot or Navigate on Pilot is activated, EDA continuously checks the driver’s driving status to ensure safe driving at all times. 

NIO is a user enterprise, and all our updates are made for our users. To provide the best user experience possible, our Digital Cockpit team made tireless efforts over the past two years, continuously collected and listened to the feedback and requests from our users, and conquered many challenges on design and innovation. As a result, we are beyond excited to present this new design, NIO OS 3.0.0. However, this is not the end of the story. We continue seeking improvements based on our users’ needs to deliver products that exceed users’ expectations.