NIO Starts ET7 Delivery in Four European Countries

17 oktober 2022 by NIO

On October 7, we held the unforgettable NIO Berlin 2022 at the Temple Concert Hall in Berlin, Germany, officially bringing NIO's products and complete operating system to Europe and opening a unique way for user enterprises with more global users to meet a new horizon.

With the end of the NIO Berlin event, we have carried out user face-to-face and ET7 delivery and test drive activities in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. Many European user friends have started their first close contact with ET7 and feel the new performance, comfort, and smart experience. At the same time, the enthusiasm of the local team also makes users feel the unique culture of the NIO community. Let's follow ET7 to European countries and listen to the voices of local users.


After the end of NIO Berlin, we delivered the first batch of ET7 to German users, and the first German users officially started their journey to meet the future. On the streets of Berlin, ET7 has also become a new landscape.

"NIO has not only created a car but a new attitude to life! The approach is innovative, different, and exciting because it captures the spirit of the times. In my everyday life as an entrepreneur in the field of artificial intelligence, I deal with exciting technology every day. What has been installed within this vehicle is incomparable and in a class of its own." ---@therealtechpunk

The Netherlands

On October 16th, local time, we felt the perfect fusion of man and nature in Inspyrium, the green ecological center of the Netherlands, and delivered the first NIO Subscription of Europe, a NIO ET7. In the future, NIO House will also open in a few different cities in the Netherlands, providing a warm and pleasant space to support local users and friends in building the NIO community.

"NIO ET7. Comfort, luxurious, but still very sporty. In short, an absolute recommendation!" ——@Diana

The delivery is amazing, it surprised me and my family. It is hard to believe that the co-founder of NIO handed the key to me himself, this is unbelievable! ——@Meindert


From October 12 to 14, we were at Næsseslottet Castle in the north of Copenhagen, Denmark, an 18th-century private manor surrounded by natural landscapes, and local users and friends experienced the ET7 test drive, and introduced the NIO brand and products to the media, partners and so on, and had a heated discussion and exchange with them.

"The performance is beyond my imagination. ET7 owns the road with its super fast speed while being very quiet and elegant, perfectly immersed in the beautiful nature." ——@YorimH


People in Sweden strive to live in harmony with nature and protect the beauty of the blue sea and sky. This NIO European trip to Sweden started a 4-day trip to Sweden at the beautiful Häringe Mansion, and local users enjoyed the driving pleasure and felt the uniqueness and charm of the NIO brand.

"I was amazed by the design of ET7, and I was even more impressed when I saw it in real, totally beyond my expectation!" ——@Gustaf


Besides the four new country markets we are entering, in Norway, we also started the ET7 test-drive event with our users and media. At the very famous Ruddskogen Racing track, designed by one of the world's most renowned track designers. Our users have experienced both extreme performances and the beautiful design of NIO ET7.

On the streets of Europe, we see more and more NIO figures. NIO's global journey around the world has just begun. We look forward to more pleasant encounters in corners around the world. Let's share the joy and grow with more global users with the vision of a clear sky.