NIO's Battery as a Service One Year Mark

24 augusti 2021 by NIO

William Li at PwC 2021 Event

Recently, at the "Digital Automotive Talk 2021" event hosted by PWC, William Li, our co-founder and CEO, was invited to be one of the guest speakers alongside other leaders in the automotive industry to discuss the transition to the future automotive industry, innovative technologies and more. 

During the meeting, William mentioned that providing the best charging and service experience is key to supporting EVs' expansion. NIO has built over 370 NIO Power Swap Stations in China. By the end of 2021, over 500 Power Swap Stations are planned to be built.

On August 20, 2020, NIO officially launched Battery as a Service (BaaS). The launch of NIO BaaS provides flexible purchase plans for users. Since then, NIO has completed more than 2.0 million swaps for the users. As the recently unveiled "NIO Power 2025" plan, we will further expand NIO Power's charging and swapping system and BaaS, the most welcomed power solution by our users, will be fully available to the industry. 

In April 2021, NIO unveiled the NIO Power Swap Station 2.0 at Sinopec's Chaoying Station in Beijing. With the advanced technology, the new generation NIO Power Swap Station can complete more battery swaps as the demand has been increasing.