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05 Oct 2021 by NIO

Today, NIO House is far beyond than just a showroom. It’s also a home that provides a premium NIO lifestyle which allows our users to relax, recharge, innovate, and more. Learn more on the inspiration and vision behind NIO House.

29 Sep 2021 by NIO

Our signature NIO House concept is a primary reason people choose NIO. Not only because there is so much to offer at an NIO House, such as the NIO café, library, living room, joy camp for children, and so much more. Also, these are beautifully designed home for our users to share experiences and joy with their families.

01 Apr 2021 by NIO

The word home denotes so many things: Warmth, comfort, community, lifestyle, just to name a few. With many automakers, once you purchase the car, your relationship with the automaker ends unless it is through the service department to maintain your vehicle. With NIO, your journey is just the beginning.