New NIO Pilot Option Packs and Navigation On Pilot in 2020

SHANGHAI, China, April 1, 2020 NIO Inc. (NIO) (NYSE: NIO), a pioneer in China’s premium electric vehicle market, today announced its release of two new major features to NIO Pilot, the advanced driver assistance system independently developed by NIO, in 2020, Navigation on Pilot (NOP) and Self-Automatic Parking Assist with Fusion (S-APA with Fusion). In addition, to enabling more users with the ability to experience and take full advantage of NIO Pilot’s evolving capabilities, NIO has introduced a “Selected Pack”to the market. The Selected Pack is comprised of several core features, and was available on April 1, 2020 at RMB15,000. NIO Pilot’s Full Feature Pack has been replaced by “Complete Pack. ”NIO is looking forward to continuous upgrade of its NIO Pilot features.

NIO Pilot “Selected Pack”includes the following features:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Self-Automatic Parking Assist with Fusion
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Cross Traffic Alert-Rear
  • Cross Traffic Alert-Brake
  • Dynamic HMI on IC and Automatic Lane Simulation
  • Automatic High Beam

The “Selected Pack” with NIO Pilot on the ES8 and the ES6, provides users a more practical and smarter driving experience. NIO Pilot’s “Complete Pack” is now equipped with an upgrade to the existing Automatic Parking Assist (APA), ‘S-APA with Fusion’, and the newly added feature NOP. NOP is based on the deep fusion of the navigation system and the NIO Pilot features. It enables the vehicle to drive on and off ramps, pass other vehicles, merge lanes, and navigate planned routes. The price will remain at RMB 39,000.

The S-APA with Fusion function combines surrounding view cameras with ultrasonic radars to understand the immediate environment more accurately, and can be engaged via NOMI’s voice control system. With the upgrade, the vehicle will be able to detect parking slots based on parking space lines, recognize multiple consecutive available parking spaces, and choose a target parking slot. The S-APA with Fusion also represents a full elevation from the existing APA in terms of searching, detecting and choosing parking spots, the interaction experience, and the parking capabilities.

These two new features will be released to users via FOTA.