NIO Rated as 5A Enterprise in the 2021 Automotive Industry Green Development Index

18 januari 2022 by NIO

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Recently, NIO was rated as a 5A enterprise, according to the Automotive Industry Energy Conservation and Green Development Evaluation Center, which officially released the 2021 Auto Enterprise Green Development Index. 

NIO Rated as 5A Enterprise in the 2021 Automotive Industry Green Development Index

The Green Development Index of Auto Enterprise is China's first quantitative evaluation system for the transparency of information and level of green development of auto enterprises. With general standards for green development information disclosure, companies can accurately disclose green development information on a regular and compliant basis and be held responsible for the information disclosed, which will support the green and high-quality development of the automotive industry.

NIO has actively pushed a sustainable future with our guiding philosophy, "Blue Sky Coming." On NIO Day 2020, NIO unveiled our flagship sedan, NIO ET7, which comes standard with the sustainable materials, Karuun, an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic in its interior. The NIO ET7 will be the first car to feature this revolution green material. In addition, NIO also introduced the Blue Point Plan to encourage users to reduce carbon emissions. 

At Shanghai Auto Show 2021, NIO Life, NIO's lifestyle brand, presented BLUE SKY LAB. This fashion project recycles the materials from the car production process to create a series of fashion products based on the automotive industry. In October 2021, this highly anticipated sustainable fashion brand, BLUE SKY LAB, made its global debut at Shanghai Fashion Week. In addition, BLUE SKY LAB presented its 59-piece collection of environmental fashion. 

Moreover, NIO has launched the plan to build a green ecosystem and facilitate environmental protection. NIO will provide its smart electric vehicles to the foundation and build battery charging facilities to support the park patrol in the area.

NIO Day 2021, NIO released the Clean Parks ecological co-construction plan to support smart electric vehicles in nature reserves around the world. We've committed to building clean energy infrastructure, supporting a clean and low-carbon energy cycle system, and protecting the ecosystem's authenticity and integrity.

NIO Clean Parks

NIO is continuing to promote energy conservation, emissions reduction, and environmental protection to fulfill the responsibility of green development.