NIO’s Continuous Innovations and Power Solutions

19 oktober 2021 by NIO


Innovation has always been part of NIO’S DNA, and NIO’s also been named a “Most Innovative Company” by Fortune. We recently announced that the NIO ET7 achieved an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.208, the second-best result for production models worldwide. Furthermore, the standard-range hybrid-cell battery (75 kWh) is another milestone for NIO.

To achieve this drag coefficient, NIO’s engineering teams, across three continents over two years, developed our first sedan with a pure body silhouette and all-around aero optimization in 13 areas, with over 800 CFD simulation cases and 120 hours of wind tunnel testing completed. As a result, the low drag coefficient allows a more extended driving range and embodies NIO’s ultimate pursuit of aerodynamic performance.

The 75-kWh standard-range battery has new-generation cell-to-pack (CTP) technology, powered by NIO’s patented technologies. As a result, the battery comes with a more extended range in cold weather and accurate state of charge (SoC) estimation, providing a battery performance at the same level as the ternary lithium battery. 

Power solutions are critical to our innovations and our commitment to our users to provide the best user experiences and charging network. As our founder and CEO William Li said, “We are committed to offering rechargeable, swappable, and upgradable charging solutions to our users.” 

Our NIO Power charging network includes our NIO Power Swap stations, Power Charger stations, and destination charging stations offered in China and One-Click-for-Power services that charge for our users. Notably, we’ve recently achieved the executive of over 4 million power swaps for our users!