Driving Progressive and Sustainable Fashion through NIO's Users and our Design at Shanghai Fashion Week

18 oktober 2021 by NIO

At NIO, we are Driven By Design. It is one of the founding pillars of our company. Our design is guided by four key principles: Pure, Human, Progressive, and Sophisticated. Our award-winning approach to vehicle design embodies who we are as a company and how we treat our partnership with our users.

In May, we announced at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021 the launch of Blue Sky Lab, an innovation of NIO Life. This fashion line recycles materials left from the car production process. NIO Life integrates global design resources and collaborates with independent designers and top design schools to create a joyful lifestyle representing progressive attitudes, good stories, and quality designs.

The circular economy is an integral part of sustainable development. Consequently, NIO Life took the initiative in launching Blue Sky Lab to reuse leftover materials from car manufacturing, such as seat belts and airbags, to create a fashion collection.

On October 15, our highly-anticipated sustainable fashion brand BLUE SKY LAB made its global debut at Shanghai Fashion Week. BLUE SKY LAB presented its 59 piece collection of environmental fashion. BLUE SKY LAB also invited 11 users from the NIO community to model on our runway to show NIO users' attitudes towards style and the environment. Our users ranged from eight to 71 years old and included retired soldiers, former Chinese Basketball Association champions, foreign executives, and professional models. All represented the diversity of NIO users.

Unlike traditional fashion week shows, BLUE SKY LAB adopted a ready-to-wear sales model. On the night of the major show, our award-winning NIO App and Mini Program launched 25 new products featuring sportswear, bags, and home products. 

BLUE SKY LAB will continue to cooperate with global designers and brands in the future, jointly exploring new environment-friendly fabrics and launching fashion collections.

Stay tuned for our upcoming series, where we share an inside look at our design process.