A Quick Look at April 2021

30 april 2021 by NIO

2021 Always Forward

April 2021 was an eventful month for NIO. Here is a quick recap of all our accomplishments, which would not have been possible without the support of our NIO community.

On April 7, NIO's 100,000th mass-produced vehicle rolled off the JAC-NIO Hefei Advanced Manufacturing Center's production line. From May 27, 2018, when the first mass-produced ES8 rolled off the line, to April 7, 2021, it took us just 1,046 days to complete the production of 100,000 smart electric vehicles, with an average price of RMB 428,000. From 1 to 100,000, NIO and its users have witnessed together a new industry record.

NIO's 100,000th mass-produced vehicle

On April 15, 2021, NIO unveiled the NIO Power Swap Station 2.0 at Sinopec's Chaoying Station in Beijing. This is our inaugural second-generation battery swap station and also the first under the NIO-Sinopec partnership. The second-generation battery swap stations are equipped with 14 battery slots, improving the battery swapping experience to 312 swaps per day. At the new Power Swap station, the vehicle can automatically drive into the station, and users can start a self-service swap with one tap on the center display without getting out of the car. 

NIO Power Swap Station 2.0 Reveal

On April 19, the NIO House at Shanghai Auto Show officially opened, and for the first time, we unveiled the interior of the ET7. At the press conference, we unveiled the NIO Color of 2021, Arctic Green, available in the exterior palette for the ET7, the EC6, and the ES6. NIO's exterior paint colors are all inspired by the most stunning colors of the skies, from blue sky to calm nature, from the majestic universe to the resplendent milky way. Arctic Green is another gorgeous color we have captured in the sky. 

SHAS NIO ET7 Interior

NIO Color of the Year 2021 Arctic Green

NIO Color of the Year 2021 Arctic Green 2

From April 19 to 28, during the Shanghai International Auto Show 2021. we received positive feedback from our community of being the industry-leading innovative vision for transportation. We gathered over 200,000 visitors from around the world at the NIO House/Shanghai Auto Show 2021, where nearly 200 user volunteers helped showcase our products and NIO Life merchandise. 

NIO House SHAS 2021

NIO House SHAS 2021 2

We also announced the Power North plan to improve the power-on experience for the users in the northern region in China, and the official launch of Blue Sky Lab, a car recycling fashion project, with partnerships with Parson School of Design, Qingshan Zhouping, world-renowned architect, Li Ning, Allbirds and other design agencies, designers. 

NIO House SHAS 2021 3

We successfully brought the newest generation power swap station into our showroom and performed nearly 200 battery swap sessions to demonstrate the technological part of NIO Power to all the visitors.   

NIO House SHAS 2021 Power Swap

On April 29, 2021, NeoPark, a smart electric vehicle industry park at Xinqiao, Hefei, Anhui province, officially kicked off construction. NeoPark is a world-class smart electric vehicle industry cluster and a hub for hundreds of key supporting enterprises and a robust industry supply chain. We are one of many companies in NeoPark's vision. The park will bring together more than 50,000 outstanding talents worldwide to become a world-class smart electric vehicle powerhouse after completion.

NeoPark Kick Off

On April 29, the NIO Partner Conference 2021 was held in Hefei. Over 600 partners from the world's first-class industries, including manufacturing, supply chain, and institutional investors, gathered in Hefei and planned the bright future together. With the support from all our partners, we have achieved many milestones and record-high production speed, including the 100,000th vehicle delivery, which is even a historic moment for the automotive industry. 

NIO Partner Conference 2021

On April 30, on the earnings call, we announced the unaudited financial results for the first quarter of 2021. There were 20,060 vehicles delivered in the first quarter of 2021, including 4,516 ES8s, 8,088 ES6s, and 7, 456 EC6s, representing an increase of 422.7% from the first quarter of 2020 and an increase of 15.6% from the fourth quarter of 2020.   

NIO Q1 2021 Financial Results

Ready for tomorrow, together we welcome the future. #Alwaysforward